Moving Confessions [and Giveaway]

by Sarah on May 26, 2013 · 30 comments

I received a text from Melissa the other day that queried, simply, “When are you moving?”

My response? “That requires an e-mail, not a text.”

See, I’m moving now.

And then again. And again.

despite appearances, my move is (sadly) NOT sponsored by

My lease ends this weekend, but school (AKA my job) doesn’t end until mid-June.

So I’ll be semi-homeless for awhile (meaning I have a place to store my stuff, and different place to store ME.)

And then I’ll be back and forth between Charlottesville and my parents’ homes, and potentially on a road trip with my sister.

I can’t really keep track of it all either, but eventually I’ll move (for the three hundredth time this summer) to Alabama. Eventually.

Until then, we can take a moment to reflect on the crazy that I continue to be every time I pack up and go with these moving confessions.


I still spend a lot of time cooking

mojito minto avocado dip

…that should probably be used for packing.

eggplant + summer squash quinoa cakes w. roasted tomatoes + spinach


There has been a serious internal debate raging as to the fate of Guapo and Goldie:

Does a PhD student really need Goldfish-shaped snack containers?

I just might.


I do not, however, have any issues packing my Chobani Champions lunchbox.

Mostly because all of my bars fit perfectly inside.

But if I am being honest, I must confess that I know there are more bars in my office at school, and many that I brought back from Blend, and it stresses me out a bit to know I will have to have a second bar container.


Once I’ve sorted and decided what needs to go to Goodwill, I have to take it immediately or else I will second guess my decision and end up carrying 25 pairs of shoes I never wear across the country for a third time.

However, I also sometimes give away things I probably shouldn’t because I don’t want to deal with them. [This is why I didn’t have a bed for nine months after the last move.]


I always end up packing tons of unopened food.

And not just for ‘travel snacks.’

confession: this is not the only box like this

Hey, I’m going to be a student again. I might as well start my new life with a stocked pantry before turning to Kraft mac & cheese and ramen noodles, right?


It might help if I didn’t stockpile food to begin with.

But you really wouldn’t be able to tell from my kitchen-or my grocery store visits--these past few weeks that I’m going anywhere but a bomb shelter.

Good thing I pretty much subsist on melon these days, so I’m not worriedabout finishing these. [A similarly sized second cantaloupe was almost entirely consumed within 8 hours.]

please note mr. frog staring at me with judgement in those beady eyes

(Also, I can take food with me to my temporary abode, so there’s no pressure to do the whole ‘completely purge the pantry, fridge, and freezer routine.)


It seemed a brilliant move to use dried fruit instead of newspaper as padding for my dishware.

And also to label clearly so that my pots and pans don’t end up in the uneducated kitchen by accident.


Apparently I didn’t pay very close attention to this note from Maddy at Love Grown she put in a love drop months ago.

I guess I was supposed to spread the love and not forget I even had keep these coupons. (Go figure.)

So…how about I just give them away now?

For a chance to win either a free bag of Love, or a coupon for $1.00 offplus some individually-sized packagesleave a comment with YOUR confession for today. It can be about moving, or the rate at which you consume melon, or the fact that you often prefer made-for-TV romantic comedies to most thought-provoking ‘films.’ I don’t care.

I will choose my favorite. It won’t be random.

Mostly because I don’t feel like setting up a Rafflecopter, but also because…why NOT actually pick the BEST entry for once?

If you’re lucky, I might even throw in some of the random bars that won’t fit in my Chobani lunchbox, too. :)


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