Traveling Snack Show

by Sarah on April 5, 2013 · 13 comments

Early Monday morning–and I do meant early…if we weren’t saving daylight it would be pre-dawn–I found myself at the local airport, waiting for one of two planes that would transport me to Alabama.

I’ve blogged a ton about my crazy travel snack preparedness and consumptionas well as my general refusal to spend any money in the airportor on board if I can help it–

i travel with gift cards. and stevia.

–and this trip just proved to remind me that even if I haven’t gone to extreme pre-journey lengths, if I’m not at a restaurant dining with others…

bourbon glazed salmon w. shrimp...specially requested a bottle of ketchup for my baked potato, because even when meeting new people, i will let my inner ten-year-old out

…or at a hotel breakfast bar, where I have to at least sit for at least a  few minutes–

–just  to maintain the facade that I’m not really there to take away as many ‘extras’ as possible–

–I am in a constant state of snack attack.

made a giant buckwheat-and-oat pancake the night before and packed it in my bag. yep. did that.

You might even call me a Traveling Freak Snack Show.

For this trip, I was in and out of various meetings and such quite often, but for much of my days, I was left to my own devices, meaning at the first opportunity, I will hunt down the local natural food store–and a kombucha–

i swear cabin pressure makes these a necessity when traveling.

–and go to at least one ‘normal’ grocery store for provisions.

strange but CHEAP--$10.00 for all of this...and I brought fruit home!

You mean my ice bucket isn’t for keeping yogurt and hummus cool?

Those veggieswhich, I should mention, were all on manager’s special for which I sweettalked a discount without a shoppers card–and that hummus, along with the rice cakes I brought from home, were the staple of my dietall day.

i also brought roasted kabocha and strawberries on the plane. not weird at all.

I combined another delicious brought-from-home snack with the yogurt for a honey-and-cranberry-sweetened nutty, creamy, tart, sweet, and salty snack.

Late night found me watching The Food Network while stirring up some peanut flour goop–why not travel with some peanut flour?–with a pear I’d purchased and a KIND bar from my bookbag.

As I showed you before, I had one sit-down dinner, and also a sit-down lunch, while a blueberry oatmeal breakfast was all a masquerade to provide me with some snacks to eat on the way home.

Airport terminals are really just extensions of my personal kitchen space.

[This, of course, after I had raided the fast food condiment bins and eaten the rest of my veggies with ketchup, mustard, and black pepper as a businessman on a conference call looked on questioningly.]

I guess the one relatively normal moment came during the ‘so close to home but can’t quite make it’ portion of my trip, when I consumed the free Diet Coke alongside a relatively innocuous (to the outside world) peanut caramel The Simply Bar.

Of course, at that point the woman sitting next to me was offering Twizzlers to the entire plane, and I’m pretty sure she would have been down with any sort of crazy plane-seat concoction I could have whipped up instead.


Because she packs even more bizarre travel snacks–meals, really–than I, I know that my lovely better-than-blend Laura will be excited to see what I put together away from home, even without much planning.

Check out her blog today for other Strange But Good traveling freak shows–and I mean that with soul sister solidarity–have come up with today, either at home…or in flight.


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