Spring Break Confessions

by Sarah on April 7, 2013 · 14 comments

I am blatantly offering false salaciousness in the title of this post.

Considering that the only alcoholic drink I consumed throughout the entire week was this one glass of prosecco at The Local last night while catching up with Alex and celebrating change–

–my Spring Break was a lot less Girls Gone Wild and a whole lot more…whatever the opposite of that is. Regardless of how controversial they may or may not be, here are my Spring Break Confessions:


Speaking of movies (of various levels of professionalism and quality), the best movie I watched might have been about a ten-year-old boy who grew out of the ground.

This some how seems fitting, as the best book I read was about a ten-year-old, mom-managed pop star whose career trajectory bears striking resemblence to that of Justin Bieber. [Although I do thank Brittany for her Blackberry Winter recommendation.]

confession: it made me really happy that it was my request that led the library to purchase this novel


The only “local culture” I experienced was my own.

opening day at the cville farmers market!

But at least I explored with a friend, and tried new local flavors. [Still think I prefer Great Harvest’s High Five Fiber, but the CVille Crunch IS super doughy…]


From new flavors, to new flirtations.* [Hey, Mr. Egg, how you doing?]

*If only they were with actual men.

After I perfected my ability to poach an egg–

poached egg on spinach, roasted red peppers, and curry broccoli slaw crust

–I drank the vinegar-infused poaching liquid from a mug.

It helped with the digestion, right?


I will probably hit ‘mark all as read’ for a whole lot of blogs. Or I might read and not comment. You will never know…

Speaking of blog comments, I recieved a rather nasty one from someone regarding my Traveling Freak Snack Show post. I hope y’all understand I was being my silly, tongue-in-cheek self, and that I not only ate more than I showed in the post, but also would (and did) spend money if (and when) I had to.

Confession: I rarely get negative comments, but when I do, they bother me way more than they should.


My most exciting recipe triumph was a single-serving, giant-sized Cinnamon Oat + Buckwheat Protein Pancake. 

(Which I packed in my bookbag for my trip to Alabama.)

However, this Cheesy (Vegan) Kale + Mushroom Pizza Rice Bake so absolutely hit the mark on what I was craving, I ended up eating the whole dish in one night. (Two dinners? Nothing wrong with that…right?)


I had a king-sized bed in my Alabama hotel room.

I slept in one tiny little corner of it.


I feel truly blessed and lucky to be a Love Grown Foods LOVE Blogger.

SO not worthy.


I spent a lot of time packing and shipping Nutty Butter orders during the week.

Confession: I love when my ‘blends’ win the giveaways. :)

(The winning entries were actually about following on twitter, but the ice cream flavors are just so much more interesting.)


And my final confession:

Going back to school is even more difficult for the teachers than the students.


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