Pass the Papaya [#WIAW]

by Sarah on April 24, 2013 · 25 comments

Don’t get me wrong. I fully support eating local.

[Heck, when I travel, I also believe in eating like a local.]

But as it does not financially or logistically behoove me to pick up and move to Costa Ricayet?I will always make exceptions for certain produce, like mangoes, pineapple, and the past week’s joy, papaya.

this, interestingly, came from my favorite non-local asian market

Unlike another blogger I know, I think I have always loved papaya. On the rare occasion I encountered tropical canned fruit salad growing up, it took the place of the cherries as my favorite part of the blend. If I’ve ever been faced with a tropical trail mix, the little dried papaya bits are the first to be picked out (followed closely by “mango flavor pineapple,” because no trail mix ever seemed to have REAL dried mango).

But if you can get it, fresh off the tree is always best.

for as much as i discuss my GI tract, it shouldn't be surprising i love a fruit that aids in digestion

Creamy, rich, and just a-little-more-than-slightly sweet, it is perfectly refreshing with a squeeze of lime juice and a dash of chili powder (as they commonly serve it in Central America).

But, Jenn, and all you other tropical treat lovin’ ladies (and gents), as I learned from consuming the entire giant papaya shown above, it has a number of other tasty applications.

Topping a giant coc-oat-nut buckwheat pancake with it, and its color-wheel companion–the strawberry-made perfect sense.Vanilla-sweetened kefir made for delicious “frosting” and who doesn’t love cinnamon? [Or deliciously fluffy pancakes?]

I wish I had been a wee bit more weirdly creative with it, actually, but then it just kept disappearing out of the fridge straight into my mouth.

Or into after-midnight snacks of hemp protein mixed with applesauce, kefir, almond milk, and cereal.I did serve it on the side of my Brown Rice and Bulgur Breakfast Pudding one morning.Who knew warm papaya could be so good? Or that it would pair well with savory seasoned kabocha?

OK. i guess that's a LITTLE weird.

Aside from that brief flirtation with my freaky foodie nature, though, I put papaya where you’d think papaya should be put.

How good was it in a bedtime bowl of Greek yogurt glory?And, um, how delicious is the flavor of this Dannon Oikos yogurt?*

*Forgive me, Chobani, for I have sinned.


Peter Piper may have picked a peck of pickled peppers.

lemon bar microwave muffin, yogurt 'frosting,' papaya, thawed raspberries, slivered almonds

But Miss Pember will proudly pick a pound (or three) of papaya.*

*Although y’all know I wouldn’t say no to anything pickled. 😉


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