I’ve Got Eggs (And I Know How To Use ‘Em) [#WIAW]

by Sarah on April 10, 2013 · 28 comments

It started out as a simple flirtation.

OK. That’s a lie.

It started out as a full-on orGGy.

it was easier than making a commitment to any one egg.

But then I got all embarrassed and worried about my reputation.

i've got legGs. and i know how to use them.

I took a step back, unsure of how to proceed.

Could our relationship be saved?

 Forced to work together on a blend -inspired science project–

pumpkin pie microwave muffin w. bananas, honey, raisins, pecans

Brittany’s microwave muffins

cinnamon muffin w. previously frozen raspberries and dark chocolate sea salt kind bar crumblies

….weren’t going to reinvent themselves

apple pie microwave muffin with more apples, honey, dates, pecans

–I still maintained a detached distance.

Yet one experiment naturally led to another.

carrot cake crust made with egg whites...topped with avocado sauce and pomegranate seeds

Pretty soon, I wanted a pancake.

giant coc-oat-nut protein pancake w. pineapple chobani frosting, bananas, raspberry protein whipped cream, sprinkles. and pecans

A very large, giant pancake.

buckwheat coc-oat-nut protein pancake with papaya, strawberries, sprinkle of cinnamon, drizzle of kefir

Flax eggs are good, but they don’t create the same…fluff.

And then I stumbled upon very special visitors

on sale...what? what?

from my favorite foreign land.

that would be austin.

I hate to say it, Jenn, and all of you other yolk-els…

…but finally I said screw the reputation.

kabocha, brussells sprouts, tomato sauce toast, egg

Bring on the porn.

Yolk pornthat is.

fried egg on (vegan) 'cheesy' brown rice and veggie scramble

What kind of girl do you think I am? :)

fried egg on a tortilla with kabocha, kale, and KETCHUP!


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