Sambazon Woman [Review + Giveaway]

by Sarah on March 30, 2013 · 46 comments

My Spring Break started yesterday at 2:45 (not that I was counting down or anything…), and, although I have no plans for jet-setting to a tropical paradise or foreign land for a sunscreen-scented escape, that doesn’t mean I can’t bring a little jungle fever to YOUR lives this week.When Sambazon contacted me about reviewing the new varieties of organic, fair-trade smoothies in the company’s Amazonian-sourced and inspired product line, I immediately broke out my passport took them up on their offer.

Although I generally shy away from smoothies in general–and pre-fab smoothies in particular–the promise of long-lasting energy through protein-packed creaminess in flavors like Chocolate + Almond + Cocout Milk was a little too intriguing of an out-of-the-ordinary adventure to pass up.

Of course, I tasted them all the way one is ‘supposed to’: drinking from the bottle for a hit of post-workout protein or a  ‘I love anything with ginger in it’ morning boost. [Although I’m pretty sure I ended up downing the rest of the Kale + Ginger after a long-run, because it tasted like a thick version of my favorite sweet-yet-spicy Central Market juice.]

But, then I got a little more creative.

Warm almond milk to help me sleep also kept any nighttime hunger at bay with added protein from the Chocolate + Almond + Coconut Milk protein smoothie.

That smooth sweetness also mixed with plain Greek yogurt for a slightly more decadent dessert-style post-dinner snack.

I started to think of them a little bit less of a smoothie, and more like Amazonian kefir

–once just pouring the silky and ‘berry’ bright Acai + Vanilla straight into a bowl and topping it with fruit and cinnamon.

Certainly solving the problem of “I just really like to CHEW my food instead of drink it.” :)

While I don’t have an issue getting in my recommended fruit and veggie servingsmaking the Supergreens smoothie really just a fun little flavor experiment–I do love testing out new vegan sources of protein to fuel my running recovery.

And my crazy late cravings.

pickles + protein? sure, why not.

SO now it is time for YOU to become a Sambazon Woman (or man).

Sambazon has graciously offered to send one of you not one, not three, but FIVE prime numbers VIP vouchers so you can sample any of the smoothies that you like.

You’ll also receive your very own not-handcrafted-in-the-Amazon-but-I’ll-pretend-it-was-so-I-feel-like-I-have-a-Spring-Break-souvenier wooden bowl and Sambazon spoon.

There are four way to enter:

[The only mandatory one is to leave a comment telling me your favorite smoothie combination. Since I hate when on rafflecofter you comment and THEN they tell you what you were supposed to say. So I’m telling you now.]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest will close on Thursday, April 4th!

Although Sambazon provided me with vouchers to purchase the drinks for free, all creative culinary uses were my own invention.


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