I Must Confess…

by Sarah on March 3, 2013 · 12 comments

Having been unable to think of an appropriately quippy, hilarious, witty, or alliterative title to utilize for these Sunday Confession posts that were stolen without consent inspired by my more-than-blend Maria, I continue instead to rack my brain for any pop culture reference to confessions that will serve the purpose. And today, we find ourselves harkening back to the days when Britney Spears was still a guilty pleasure, pre- ‘it is OK to admit you love her!’ days, but not yet reaching the “poor misguided pop stars of America” phase of her infamy popularity.

My loneliness might get a bit irksome, but it’s not killing me (softly?), and while I won’t be putting on the uniform any time soon, I’ll make like a Catholic school girl for the moment and make my confessions anyway.


1. I have been sleeping on an air mattress for nine months. In a fit of ‘I just don’t feel like dealing with this’ frenzy, I sold the bed in my last house and was too cheap to commit never got around to buying a new one after I moved in June. Mama and Sister Smart came this weekend and brought me a bed. From my MawMaw’s house.

It resembles what might happen if we squirted mustard and ketchup all over Laura Ashley’s bedroom. Condiment lovers, be jealous.

2. Every time I eat a pear lately, it is like I’ve never had one before.I seriously marvel in how delicious they are. I’ve also become quite expert in knowing just when to cut them for perfect texture-flavor balance. (A difficult task, to be sure.)

the key to perfection is pressure at the stem.

3. Mama and Sister Smart and I went wine tasting yesterday. At the second winery, our very attractive tasting expert (Pourer? What do you call those people?) not only related every wine to food and mentioned that he was a vegetarian, the words ‘nutritional yeast’ came out of his mouth.

Let’s just say I might have internally swooned a little bit.

confession: this photo is from a different winery

4. I never wash my mushrooms. Instead I wipe them with a paper towel to get most of all of the dirt off, and then I break the stems out.

And I always eat the stems first.

5. The breakfast photos I put on Instagram are almost always taken in my car before I head to school (or in the school parking lot).

the light is just brighter than when i'm in my kitchen...

Five seconds after the above photo was taken, I spilled a huge portion of my oatmeal on the floor of my car. Since all you can see now is a bit of strawberry and granola, I’ll let you just imagine what happened to the oatmeal.

save the oatmeal, save the world

 6. Almost 16 months (I think) since I ‘went vegan’ I finally started taking B Vitamin supplements. I actually do notice a bit of a difference in my energy level and mood. [Especially considering the winter tends to turn me into an Eeyore-esque mope.]

7. My third blog day is tomorrow. I decided this morning that I needed to put candles on everything I ate today (not the actual day, because I’d need to post pictures of the celebration on the actual day…duh), so before breakfast (but obviously after coffee), I went with Sister Smart to the grocery store and spent more than I probably needed tobut not as much as I could haveon birthday candles.

We also bought bananas for Mama Smart and my favorite lettuce, since it was on sale.

8. I have a favorite lettuce. (Who am I???)

9. Speaking of “emergency” grocery store runs, last Saturday night I rushed out to Trader Joe’s with the sole purpose of buying eggs. For reasons I will discuss at a later date, I have decided to start eating them again.

I cannot move past the idea that my first egg creation must be the best thing EVER,* so over a week later, I still have not opened the carton.

*Or the fact that in that picture the mushrooms are so glaringly white.



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