Confessions of a Blogger’s Mind

by Sarah on March 24, 2013 · 13 comments

 Another Sunday, another ‘Confessions’ post.

And still another attempt to bring in random bits of pop culture related to the word confessions because I am so concerned about–and therefore unable to commit to–choosing the absolute best, perhaps alliterative, titlefor this list of random thoughts and live occurences I call “confessions” to make it appear thematic.

i've never actually seen this movie

(Just calling it “Confessions” would also limit my opportunities to bastardize accentuate fun clipart I steal from sites all over the internet.)


Whenever I look at a Japanese eggplant, all I can see is ‘duck.’


Although I used to be able to sit through two, maybe even three (!), movies in a row, I now have an incredibly difficult time lasting more than 15 minutes in front of anything on television.

I have to take breaks and roast squash or something.

yep. that did happen.


On Saturday, I popped in to Kroger for one thing–my favorite lettuce, on sale last week–and ended up getting a little carried away by the manager’s specials. [I was like a kid in a candy vegetable store.]

I made a beeline for one of the self-checkouts and ended up cutting off a man with his family, who kindly let me go first. Then, rather than hurry, I stopped to take a picture. [To which I, guiltily could hear him say to his wife in slightly exasperated tones, “Ella esta usando su telephono…”]

Because I then felt bad, I rushed out of the store without remembering to grab the $20 cash back I had requested.

Karma. She’s a sharp one.

[However, with five kids, I imagine they could use the money–which is probably what I saved on manager’s specials anyway–a whole lot more than I can.]


I like the burny bits the best.

I also like the word burny.


Saturday night (or should we say Sunday morning?) I woke up at 2:00 AM and REALLY wanted some baby spinach.

So I made a salad.

With oranges, carrots, mushrooms, champagne grapefruit, and Citrus Avocado Dressing on top.

That’s not weird at all.


 I’m starting to think I just don’t like to eat food warm.

First it was squash, then it was roasted turnips and rutabagas…

Now, it’s cabbage roasted in Orange Almond Pesto.

straight from the fridge, obviously.


In a shocking twist of fate, I had gone almost two weeks without eating nut butter.

Although I have not been anti-nut…

oats, apples, pomegranate seeds, peanuts, and pecans

 ….the thought of nut butter literally made me queasy.

Suddenly, in the midst of watching Argo on Saturday, I was struck by a peanut butter craving I had to stop everything to satiate.

The Honey Banana Peanut Butter was delicious.

But this morning I woke up, and the thought of nut butter has again become repellant.

What is happening to me????


This nut butter nausea is especially distressing as I forgot that I have had cashews soaking in the fridge for over a week.



When I saw watermelons at The Fresh Market on Friday, my first thought was, “Already?”

But more because I was super excited and really wanted one, than I was appalled at hurrying the seasons. :)


My review and giveaway post about Qrunch Burgers originally began:

True story: When I was thinking about the title of this post, I was not envisioning the actual Buncha Crunch chocolate Nestle product. I kept seeing a Cracker Jack-type box with the words Bunch-a-Crunch on it. This also somehow convoluted with Moose Munch, and now I’m not really sure what product I was originally thinking about. (It was not Little Debbie Star Crunch, however, although I did really like those as a kid and I’m pretty sure I can recreate them.)

True story: I almost just deleted that entire story to save for the moment when I do recreate Star Crunch,* so that I could then link back to this post and say, “True story: When I wrote that post….”

*Should that ever, you know, actually happen.

As I was going to post I realized I was thinking about was Crunch ‘n Munch.

So I deleted the whole thing.

So, I can’t promise any of those crunchy, munchy, or cracker jack-ery snacks to the winner of the giveaway…but I CAN promise coupons for free Qrunch burgers.

The winner of the giveaway is…

TT in NYC!

E-mail me. :)



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