#Cho Confessions

by Sarah on March 17, 2013 · 23 comments

Did you know there was a magazine called True Confessions that ran from 1922 through the 1960s? It appears to be a cross between True Crime and Seventeen Magazine’s Traumarauma.*

*Also known as ’embarassing moments for girls who aren’t allowed to read Cosmo for its confessions.’

Yeah, I didn’t either. Except that I am a nerd who does research on pop cultural phenomena related to confessions in order to come up with a new Sunday Confessions post title every week.

This week’s theme: my Cho(bani) Confessions.


Chobani blessed me with the gift of a fully stocked refrig-CHO-rator

–and a #tastereal spoon.

While I have happily indulged in all of the yogurt, I have not used the spoon.

Because this is my yogurt spoon.

Speaking of Chobani, when The Fresh Market opened in Charlottesville, I received a good type of sticker shock.

Despite being well-stocked with Greek yogurt, I went back with the sole purpose of taking advantage of the sale.


OK. Three times.

Speaking of that fully stocked fridge…

I rearranged everything–twice–in order to obtain the best possible lighting for the ‘stocked fridge’ photo. And then kept the door open while I took a rather excessive amount of photos…then put everything right back where it was.

And as excited as I was about the massive amounts of new Chobani, I still went to Trader Joe’s the next day and bought my usual giant tubs of Greek and goat’s milk yogurt.

Sometimes you just want plain.

Or you find the greatest a tiny thrill in eating out of the giant yogurt cartons.

The thickened edges are the best part.

For the love of edges is also why when Chobani sent me a huge case of the ‘cho’ very big 32 oz. cartons, I used some to make recipes (as I believe was the intention)…

…but most I just ate. [Oops.]

In my 10-Layer Greek Dip, I was going to use the Chobani I brought home with me for Christmas, but I accidentally–I swear— ate it all, so I used a different brand instead…and just said I used Cho.

My aunt stocked up on Chobani when we stayed with her over Thanksgiving. I never had a chance to try the pineapple, so the last day we were there, I put it in my backpack and carried it on the airplane from Georgia back to Virginia.

It received quite a welcome home party. [Sprinkles!]

Of course, all of my beautifully created ‘Cho’ creations don’t stay so beautiful for long.

When Sister Smart was visiting, and I asked her what she wanted for breakfast on Sunday morning, she told me ‘yogurt.’ Despite having perhaps twelve containers of Chobani in my fridge, I told her she couldn’t have any of them, and gave her this Dannon Oikos I had stolen brought home from a school breakfast instead.

I have this weird feeling/compulstion that any time I eat a bowl of Chobani, I need to Instagram it as a way of saying ‘I love you, and I love your company’s generosity.’*

*Not that I don’t buy it in support, too.

(Confession: I was so upset about my hand being in the photo above, that at one point I tried to take a photo with the container just laying in the bowl.)

However, sometimes I don’t want to make something look fancy.

Or I want to accidentally get a bit heavy handed with the cinnamon.

So I eat other brands instead.

But I do spend an awful lot of time thinking of ‘cho’ punny comments for when I do Instagram a ‘cho’-ment. Those, however, deserve their own post.*

*Or maybe I’m just tired of writing.


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