No (Nutty Butter) News Is Good News… [Custom Nutty Butter Giveaway]

by Sarah on February 4, 2013 · 133 comments

Some of you might be wondering where the hazelnut are the Nutty Butter flavors for February?I’m sure my genius designer, Calee, is chomping at the bit(s of raw cashews) to know, as clearly the only thing she thinks about at the end of each month is what the labels for the next will look like.Well, I have certainly been spending a lot of good play time in the Nutty Butter kitchen.

I got creative with Carrot Cake…and stumbled so close to Samoa.

caramel coconut cookie? check. chocolate ratio? still needs work.

Combining the good, and the even better, resulted in Pumpkin Gingerbread.And Banana Bread? Well, now, that one really does need to be sold.

But not this month.

You see, it already feels like February is half over, and I’ve got so many exciting and wonderful plans in the works for the rest of it:

  • A visit to Louisville to spend what I know will be a lovely weekend with the even lovelier Brittany
  • Mama and Stepfather smart driving down to visit ME here in Charlottesville
  • Hosting Book Club this month…with a Mermaid (by Carolyn Turgeon) theme?
  • Some very important deadlines
  • Two or three cooking demos at Whole Foods for the Engine 2 Diet 28-Day Challenge they are sponsoring

And, oh yeah, living.*

*Running, cooking, staying on top of episodes of Downton Abbey, Nashville, and the premiere of Smash! [I have my priorities.]

¬†So Nutty Butter? It’s not happening.

And it’s my company. I can do what I want.

even if what i want to do is make test batches just so i can eat them.

I do intend to be back in full swing in March, and, as you can tell from the photos above, I do love to experiment. I also love giving Nutty Butter away. :)

So, I’m offering not one, but THREE readers a jar of custom Nutty Butter. It will give me the chance to make something that might only please one or two people, but doesn’t necessarily have mass appeal.

To enter? Leave a comment with the flavor you are craving.

Old, new, totally bizarre. Sweet, savory, super salty.

Blueberry Pancake? Coconut Chai? Cherry Cobbler? Cranberry Banana Bread?

The choice is–for the most part–yours.

If you tweet about it, let me know, and you can have an extra entry: there’s no new @nutty_butter this month but @thesmartkitchen’s giving away three CUSTOM flavors anyway



The three winners (using random number generator) are

Laura, Diana, and Renata!

[Technially y’alls ‘I tweeted’ entries won…

…but those were boring. :)]

Contact me– sarah dot pember¬†@ gmail dot com–and we will formulate your flavors!


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