Mango Peach + Olive Salsa

by Sarah on February 8, 2013 · 21 comments

Things you would expect to find at a bonfire in Deep South Georgia:*

*Yes. All three should be capitalized. It is a proper noun methinks. [No place like it, Mama Smart would say.]

aside from the fire of course.

 Venison chili with all of the fixins’ (including the Texas-traditional Fritos).

not to be confused with the fact that we are all fixin' to eat.

 The Southern party staple of cream cheese and pepper jelly.

how i wish my lactose-averse stomach would let me eat that...

 Things you would not expect to find at a bonfire in Deep South Georgia:Something only a freaky foodie would dream up. Mango…peach…and olives?

 In salsa?

iloved it so much, i made it for mama smart's surprise party two nights later.

I was immediately struck by “How is this so good?” rapture (that I swear cannot be attributed to the fact that it was one of the only non-dairy veg-friendly items on the potluck side dish table).

 And while this might not be a recipe, per se…*

*Nor is it Thomas Keller’s NYC restaurant.

yes, i do buy that giant tub of salsa for just me.

 It is simply too deliciously weird (weirdly delicious?) not to share.

You could serve it–as I first tried it–with chunked avocado on top. However I found that the Citrus Avocado Dressing stolen from my friend Alex works just fine, too.

quinoa-stuffed sweet potatoes love the stuff.

Or just grab your salsa spoonand dig in!

wait. you don't eat salsa with a spoon?

Because we all know salsa is better straight up. :)—————————

Even though Heather told me my salsa-fied sweet potato wasn’t all that strange, I’m linking up to Laura’s Strange But Good celebration of fooddities anyway. 😉 [Make sure to salsa your way on over to her blog today!]


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