Cookies. With Cream. [Plant Fusion Giveaway + #WIAW]

by Sarah on February 6, 2013 · 133 comments

Sign I Am Not a Normal Person #1,200:

I don’t drink protein powder.

 I eat it.

cookies 'n' creme proats (protein oats) w. apricots, blueberries, apples, crumbled peanut butter toast crunch, sprinkles, and cocoa

So maybe I wasn’t the best person to review the newest flavor of Plant Fusion.But then again, when you see what I’ve done with it, maybe I was. :)

ice cream inspired protein powder calls for strawberry 'sauce,' sprinkles, and chocolate (covered amaranth)

Even though I must confess that I get unnaturally perturbed when companies misspell words on purpose, I forgave Plant Fusion for their use of creme instead of cream, simply because they added the French accent.*

*And I don’t know enough French to know whether it is spelled correctly or not.

we can discuss appropriate uses of apostrophes at a later date.

And gosh darn it, if you can make a protein powder that tastes all at once like everyone’s favorite mass-produced twist-and-lick cookie and the best kind of cookies and cream ice creamwhere there are not only huge chunks of cookie, but also cookie crumblies floating throughout–well, my Plant Fusion-obsessed heart stomach heart will forgive you a lot.

vanilla Stonyfield frozen Greek yogurt with cookies n' creme goop, fiber one chocolate squares, both cinnamon and peanut butter toast crunch, and previously frozen berries

I mean, this beautiful bowl of goop was like eating a s’more with peanut butter Oreos in lieu of Hershey’s bars and cookies n’ creme ice cream in place of the marshmallows.

cookies n' creme goop w. graham cereal, sprinkles, blueberries, kix, and a river of peanut flour

So, maybe I can’t judge how it tastes in a shake or a smoothie, but I can tell you it is dessert-worthy* delicious.

*Or any time of day-worthy…

pre-run bowl of cookies n' creme proats w. a deluge of PB2 goop, blueberries, apple blueberry granola, and graham ceral crumblies

As for the more traditional uses of protein powder, I’ll leave the testing of that up to y’all.

You see, Jenn, and all you vegan-protein-powder-loving ladies (and gents), not only do you get to drool over my crazy cookies and cream Plant Fusion creations, one of you can win some of your very own!

yes, i googled "wiaw february" to find the logo from last year.

To enter:

Leave a comment telling me what you would make with your Cookies N’ Creme Plant Fusion, and what flavor your hope the company will make next!

Additional entries:

[Leave a separate comment for each one.]

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By now you know I’m totally obsessed with every single one of the Plant Fusion flavors, and use one (or more) every single day in some form or another. Well, I am also super proud to be representing Plant Fusion at the Blend Retreat in Park City, Utah this May!

Last year’s Blend Retreat was one of the most life (and blog) affirming events of my 2012, and I am ecstatic to be able to attend again this year.

Why don’t you come along? [You know you want to hang out with me. :)]

Register by Friday to get the reduced ticket and lodging rates!



The winner is (using random number generator)…. Lacey! :)


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