Confessionally Yours

by Sarah on February 24, 2013 · 7 comments

Being raised Episcopalian, my idea of a confessional falls a lot more in line with The Real World: New Orleans, rather than a sliding sceen and ‘Hail Marys.’

Consider these confessions less about my sins, and more about making sure my truth* gets told.

*truth [noun]: random thoughts I feel the need to share with you


I generally wake up almost 90 minutes before I leave for work. 30 minutes is spent getting dressed.

60 minutes is spent making breakfast.

 Despite everyone claiming it to be the best T-shirt ever made, this trip to the gym with my more-than-blend Brittany was the first time I ever wore my Blend T-Shirt.When I told my second grade students I was going to Kentucky for the weekend, they misinterpreted what I said as Ken-Tokyo. It was so darn cute, I didn’t correct them. Even when they asked if I would be eating lots of Chinese food. [And the downfall of the American educational system continues…]

Most of my photos are taken on my stove.

And not because I’m there cooking.

the lighting's just better...

Even this one of my Toasted Walnut Romesco  was the result of laying a wooden cutting board across the burners

A couple of weeks ago, I completed a survey where I claimed that when not listening to Cosmo Radio on Sirius XM in my car, I listened exclusively to Taylor Swift’s Red. What I really meant was I listen to Track 5, “All to Well,” and get very emo, then I listen to Track 11, “Holy Ground,” and rock out a little bit or a lot a bit. And then I repeat.

I once listened to 'Holy Ground' 10-15 times in a row.

 Although I don’t wish to be single, I do wish to eat like I’m single for as long as I possibly can.

My roommate and I were supposed to host our book club on Wednesday night. When all but one person canceled, we decided that Book Club was going to become Bachelor Club instead. Best. Decision. Ever.

I kind of forgot to pick a winner for my Love Grown Foods Hot Oats giveaway.


Better late than never?

(Congrats Sydney! E-mail me–sarah dot pember at gmail dot com!)


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