Stonyfield Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt Giveaway [#GreekWeek2013]

by Sarah on January 10, 2013 · 133 comments

On Tuesday, I confirmed that the most consistent ‘benefit’ I exercise in my vegan with benefits diet is the almost daily consumption of Greek yogurt.*

*Greek Week Giveaway #1 [You ‘cho’ you want to enter…]And lucky for me, I was recently given the chance to flex my lactose-tentative stomach muscles on some Greek frozen yogurt as well.When Stonyfield contacted me about reviewing their Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt line, I was definitely intrigued. What’s more, they were generous enough to not only sent me ONE coupon...

…but FIVE! [Enough to try all but one–Mango Peach–of their flavors.]

I love Whole Foods team members. And yes, I carried the tubs through the store in a stack like that.

Prior to my foray into veganism and subsequent discovery of mild to consistent lactose aversion, I had never met a frozen treat I didn’t like. In fact, I often claimed to have foodie willpower as strong as Ajax’s shield*…except in the face of ice cream and frozen yogurt.

*Greek mythology allusion count: 1

obviously i opened them all at once.

I’m also not one of those people who thinks frozen yogurt belongs solely to the summer. Just like salads aren’t just for hot days, and soup is good any time of the year, frozen treats know no seasonal boundaries.I mean, hello, y’all–do you want to limit your consumption of such deliciousness as honey, blueberry, and vanilla frozen Greek yogurt topped with Nutmeg Peach Cranberry Sauce and Nana’s Ginger Cookie crumblies to three or so months of the year?

I think not.I was, however, a little nervous about trying the frozen yogurt.

Although the Oikos Greek yogurt claims authenticity–whereby the whey-straining process has removed most of the lactose–I had heard that many “Greek” yogurts simply add extra whey/milk concentrates to allow them to masquerade as protein powerhouses. [This would explain why certain brands cause my tummy to tumble, while others do not.]

Frozen yogurts are especially suspect.

Upon examining the nutritional labels of the Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt, I did note that they all contain whey protein concentrate.

But did I let that stop me?

Obviously not.

superfruity :)

They might not be the most lactose-intolerant-friendly treat, but they certainly don’t cause the more extreme rumblings that ‘normal’ ice cream doesor the frozen yogurt found at most serve yourself places that is full of who-knows-what.

vanilla + chocolate with apples, strawberries, and crumbled mint chip meringues

Oh, and they are delicious. All of them.

but especially the honey. just look at it.

Aside from being super creamy and full of tastes-literally-like-I-took-a-tub-Greek-yogurt-and-stuck-it-in-the-freezer flavor (although the added sugar makes them more sweet than tart), a half-cup serving contains just between 100 and 110 calories.

paired with pumpkin? (and apples? and grapes?) um. obviously.

With 6 grams of protein per serving as well, it makes perfect sense to substitute the frozen Oikos yogurt for the Greek yogurt that normally adorns your (or just my) nightly cereal-and-yogurt bowl.

superfruits, blueberry, and honey with cereal + sprinkles (!)

I’ve clearly been having a lot of fun consuming the Stonyfield Organic Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt in all sorts of creative combinations and concoctions.

chocolate, vanilla, superfruits w. fleur de sel caramel popcorn, bananas + peanut butter 'river'

And since this is a celebratory GREEK WEEK here in The Smart Kitchen, all of you gods and goddesses get the chance to try it out, too!

To enter this giveaway:

Visit Stonyfield’s website and then tell me which of the six flavors you would send your Trojan horse* into the freezer case for first, and what toppings you would buy with the $25 Whole Foods gift carddid I forget to mention that is included, too? 😉

*Greek mythology allusion count: 2

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I will pick a winner for this–and the other four giveaways I’ve got going on :)–this weekend…in some sort of (Greek) epic Olympic medal ceremony.


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