SKOY Cloth Review + Giveaway

by Sarah on January 5, 2013 · 60 comments

Let’s be clear.

I hate cleaning.

This is when, if you are like me anyway, you automatically respond–for reasons unbeknownst to anyone–with “Hate is an awfully strong word.”

But coming from the girl who has declared her requirements for a future husband are limited to ‘eats whatever weird food I make,’ ‘washes the dishes,’ and ‘takes the trash out’ * AND who had these adorable dish washing gloves in her posessesion for, oh, say 8 month before she ever used them–and then only to avoid messing up a beautiful manicure–perhaps hate IS the appropriate word to use.

*You wonder how I’m still single…Thus, when Sachin at Paperless Kitchen contacted me to review their SKOY reusable cleaning cloths, I chuckled a bit, but said ‘yes’ anyway.

If you can make THIS girl want to clean, well you’ve got magic in you.

The cloths are a Swedish product that are 100% biodegradable (breaking down within 5 weeks). Paperless Kitchen also promotes that using one SKOY cloth is akin to tearing through FIFTEEN rolls of paper towels! [This was music to my ears, as I use a LOT of paper towels, I am sorry to say.]

I have to say, after testing them out myself, they are a bit of a wonder product. They squeeze out like a sponge, but allow you the satisfaction of cleaning with a paper towel. [I don’t know why a paper towel on a flat surface feels so much more clean to me, but there it is.]I washed dishes with them–like you can only do with those fancy schmancy VIVA soft paper towels–and used them with Windex and all-purpose cleaner (which was probably made by Windex) on my prep station.*

*This is what I have taken to calling the metal island in our kitchen.I also attacked the (very scary…trust me) stove…and they proved to be up to the challenge of joining my meager cleaning brigade.I even took the SKOY cloths out of the (paperless?) kitchen and into the (definitely-not-paperless-if-I-can-help-it-because-that-would-cause-some-unpleasantness) bathroom. I’ll spare you the details.As much as I hate cleaning, I have to say the SKOY cloths definitely live up to their claims. Yes, they get a little grody after awhile, but I actually appreciate that you can SEE that, as opposed to the gazillions of stuff you can’t see and can only imagine are living on your kitchen sponges. The SKOY cloths can, however, be popped into the washing machine with your kitchen towels and such, should you care to be even more ‘green.’In case you are curious–like I wasSKOY cloth gets its name from the Swedish word skoj which means ‘just for fun.’

And while I’m never going to choose cleaning over, say, watching endless episodes of White Collar, eating cake, or, well, making the mess in the first place, they do make you feel a bit better about the state of your life.

Paperless means less, in general…..and couldn’t we all do with a little less (mess)?


Great news: Paperless Kitchen has offered not one, but THREE of y’all the opportunity to try out the SKOY cloths in YOUR kitchen. :)

All you need to do to enter is tell me your most dreaded cleaning task…and the one you secretly love. [Mine is folding laundry.]

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If you smile real pretty and we ask Sachin super nicely,* maybe Paperless Kitchen will even throw in some sporks from their amazing bamboo collection. I mean, who doesn’t love a spork?*I can’t promise this. I just love that there are bamboo sporks in the world.


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