Greek Week 2013 Closing Ceremony [Giveaway Winners!]

by Sarah on January 15, 2013 · 8 comments

It wouldn’t be Greek Week without a nod to one of the greatest legacies to come from the ancient civilization: the Olympics.

This closing ceremony, however, does not commemorate the greatest feats of athleticism in the world, but the winners of the giveaways I’ve had going for the past week (or more) on the blog.*

*And sure, not all of them have to do with Greek Week, but…oh well.

Five giveaways. Five Olympic rings.

Let’s give out some gold medals, shall we?The winners of the January Nutty Butter giveaway are….Nicole @ Curly Mommy and Brittany @ Delights and Delectables!

The lucky belly that will get to take Good Belly’s 12-Day Challenge for free is…

#36- Kathleen!

Who has some green cleaning in their future?I can’t promise you sporks, Kaila, but I can promise you SKOY! :)

I ‘Cho’ y’all have been waiting on (the delicious) edge(s) (of your Chobani container) to find out who gets some Chobani delivered to your doorstep

Get your fridge ready, Sunnie!

And last, but certainly not least…since we all win during Greek Week–I mean, how delicious was this week?!?!the person who will be divining delicious dessert decadence with Stonyfield Oikos Frozen Greek Yogurt is…

Ellyn!Cue the national anthems. Take your bows (and bouquets).

Once your tears dry, e-mail me [sarah dot pember at gmail] with your contact information. :)


Note: I used a random number generator to determine the winners, but chose not to post every screen shot image for sake of space. If you would like to see them, well, I can show you. But that would be a little ridiculous.


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