‘Cho’ Exciting Chobani Giveaway [#GreekWeek2013]

by Sarah on January 8, 2013 · 155 comments

As many of you know, I call myself a vegan with benefits…*

*And look! I’ve put a new page up with my definition of what I think that means. :)

fleur de sel caramel 479 popcorn w. raspberries on passion fruit chobani

…but, as my friend Rachel used to say,

vanilla chobani w. blackberries, pomegranate seeds, puffed rice, grahams, and crumbled lemon cookie

“You’re really just a vegan who eats yogurt.”

puffins are overrated. shredded wheat crumblies are not.

GREEK yogurt, to be precise.And if you want to get REALLY specific: Chobani Greek yogurt.

my favorite three flavors in a very happy fridge.

Ever since I found out that, due to Chobani’s authentic Greek straining process, their yogurt is not only full of probiotics and twice the protein of ‘regular’ yogurt, but it is 95% lactose free

apple cinnamon chobani w. pumpkin, cranberries, o's, and grahams

my previously lactose averse stomach has been lured towards Chobani bowls of happiness like Odysseus to the Sirens.* [With no epic needing-to-chain-myself-to-the-ship-mast horrific stomach-gurgling side effects.]

*Greek mythology allusion count: 1

persimmon goo + passion fruit chobani + sweet cranberry love grown granola = HEAVEN

Making giant bowls of cereal and yogurt is my art.

passion fruit with berries in a sprinkle-covered cho-lebration!

Chobani is my muse.*

*Greek mythology allusion count: 2

i carriedthis chobani through airport security all the way from georgia, just so i could eat it when i got home from my travels.

My ‘second dinner’/bedtime snack every night for the past few months has involved a bowl o’ ‘Cho.’

pumpkin puree mixed into apple cinnamon chobani was SUCH a good idea

[And I do mean every….single….night.]

plain chobani mixed with nutmeg peach cranberry sauce

I even took Chobani home for the holidays, so I could just add good to many a meal and appetizer.

There [was] no place like ‘Cho’ for the holidays.

chobani tastes best when eaten with a baby spoon. baby bites make it last longer.

 In honor of Greek Week here in The Smart Kitchen, Chobani has offered to help celebrate by giving one of you a chance to join in my favorite way of going Greek.

To enter:

Check out Chobani’s flavorsthey have new ones, if you haven’t heard!–and let me know which one is your favorite (or you would most like to try), as well as the toppings which would adorn your big bowl of Greek yogurt goodness. :)

Additional entries: [Leave a separate comment for each.]

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Yes, I also realize I still have three other giveaways going on. I’ll pick winners for those. Soon. I’m just…not ready yet. :)


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