Blue…Part Two. [#WIAW]

by Sarah on January 30, 2013 · 22 comments

Even though I revealed last week I was at risk of turning blue through berry ingestion, I clearly didn’t care.

I probably should have finished the first second clamshell before I bought another.

But they are just so good.

So, Jenn, and all you potential baby Smurfs, welcome to last week’s What I Ate Wednesday sequel: Blue…Part Two.

With so many blueberries to consume, I’ve figured out quite a few things:

1. Blueberries, apples, and crystallized ginger are a tantalizing trio…

why not add a lake of maple-peanut goop?

…but pears will perform in a pinch.

what DOESN'T love grown granola make better?

2. Blueberries on top of blueberries (in Greek frozen yogurt form) is not flavor excess. It’s flavor enhancement.

apples, pomegranate seeds, and apple walnut love grown granola 'dust' helped, too

3. Blueberries were made for groovin’ with grahams.

cereal dust! happy dance!

4. Lemon with blueberry might be the typical choice, but orange makes a mighty fine mistress.5. Blueberry flavored peanut butter would be an amazing invention. [Oh, wait. Done that.]

cookies 'n' creme plant fusion proats w. coconut peanut deluge + apple blueberry granola

Overall, I think I’ve been pretty creative.

apple-blueberry galette w. spiced sweet potato vodka crust

I’ve taken a few (delicious) chances.

honeydew on hot oats? survey says yum.

But I haven’t gotten too crazy weird.*

*This week. Let’s not forget about The Great Kale Chip Bowl of Oats of lastweek….

spaghetti squash, tuscan herb hummus, nooch, mango-peach salsa and blueberry deliciousness

….yet. 😉


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