I’ll Be (Strange) For Christmas

by Sarah on December 28, 2012 · 8 comments

As we were milling around the kitchen on Wednesday evening, pondering what to put on our plates for dinner, Mama Smart said to me, “Well, when you are sick you just sort of end up eating whatever sounds right at the time.”*

*She was correct, of course, but I must admit that regardless of whether or not I’m sick, my basic theory of meal preparation is ‘eating whatever sounds right at the time.’ :)

And usually whatever sounds right to me…sounds weird to everyone else.

That particular evening, I came up with a bed of baby spinach topped with sauteed stir fry vegetables, roasted butternut squash, sauerkraut, a dousing of pickapeppa sauce, and tofu extracted from the previous night’s take-out:

chinese food on christmas. we went there. (OK, it came to us.)

Even at home with my family, you can’t keep the freaky foodie in me from coming out.

Some people go home to visit family and adapt their normal eating behaviors to suit their surroundings. I somehow manage to maintain my weird habits no matter where I may be.This means that I can still make lunches like this one: more Chinese take-out reinvented with sprouts (that I brought with me from Virginia), fresh mushrooms, and the afore-pictured sauerkraut I found in the pantry that could only have been left from a craving-induced impulse buy the last time I was home.

i want to slurp newman's own sesame ginger dressing with a spoon.

My family just accepts it, really. They are used to the opening of random cans I’ve unearthed from the cabinet, and the scooping from miscellaneous bags of powders and spices that accompany me on all journeys.

impromptu stew of zesty jalapeno diced tomatoes, spinach, and canned mushrooms, topped with nutritional yeast and mustard

So when you talk about ‘traditional Christmas meals’ well, I don’t know much about those.

This Christmas Eve, I threw a bunch of common (to me) ingredients in Mama Smart’s food processor and whipped up a batch of incredibly delicious (and incredibly easy) vegan white bean gravy.And maybe drizzling that on broccoli isn’t so weird or strange–heck, even Mama Smart and Stepfather Smart tested it out–but the star of the show was my twice-baked Blueberry Mustard Thyme Acorn Squash. A very strange but good Christmas indeed!

Also very strange–for a vegan, anyway–was the fact that these shrimp remains belonged to me. 😉

Of course, we know my definition of ‘vegan’ includes a few benefits–and so, although my daily scoops of peanut butter took a bit of a downgrade due to Stepfather Smart’s personal preferences…

i wouldn't hate on it if it were JIF, which we all know is delicious no matter how seemingly low-brow

…and what can only be called a binge on Stepmama Smart’s chocolate haystacks stood in for dinner last night*…

*I balanced them with spinach. And baby carrots.

can we call them haystacks when they look more like briars? or brambles?

…I was able to keep most of my dietary habits constant. Oats for multiple meals breakfast….

vanilla plantfusion proats w. gold rush apples, raspberries, and chopped dates

…and a bowl o’ Cho’ every night.

crumblies are joy.

Happy cereal comes from happy cows. :)And strange food comes from Miss Smart?


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