Freakishly Weird. Strangely Good.

by Sarah on December 21, 2012 · 14 comments

When my friend through blogging, Laura, announced she was going to start a Strange But Good link-up ‘party’ on her blog every Friday, to celebrate the odd recipes and food creations that an ever-growing niche of us weird foodie bloggers concoct, all I could think was:

“But my LIFE* is strange but good.”

*And by life, I mean food choices. But food is life. Right? I startedand quickly forgot about, as I often do–my own little personal blog ‘series’ of Freaky Friday creations, a year or so ago, and since The Great Smart Kitchen discovery of combining spaghetti squash, nutritional yeast, sauerkraut, hummus, Wickles Pickles relish, and Mrs. Renfro’s pomegranate salsa...

…things have just gotten weirder.

baked potato stuffed with sauerkraut, hummus, nutritonal yeast, and covered in ketchup (more was added post-picture, obviously)

Sprouts and crumbled (raw) tofu on soup? [And, oh wait, that’s not soup…it is a bowl of Vegan Pumpkin Gravy.]

Delicious.Apple-cnnamon roasted delicata squash rings with peanut butter drizzle on oatmeal for breakfast?

Amazing.I don’t like chips…unless they are broken up pieces from the bottom of the bag.*

*And no, crumbling them yourself doesn’t count.

terra chiplets on a big friendly salad that includes roasted broccoil and brussels, newman's honey mustard dressing, and sabra red pepper hummus

I eat exclusively from bowls, and will throw so much onto them that eating is like opening presents on Christmas. (Surprise! Veggie burger crumblies. Surprise! Citrus Avocado Dressing.)

don lee (costco) veggie burger on spinach with mushrooms, delicata squash rings, citrus avocado sauce, and HP brown sauce...and ketchup.

Speaking of squash, what about the time I stuffed a kuri squash with Israeli couscous and pineapple, then covered the whole thing in nutritional yeast, hummus, Dijon mustard, and HP sauce?

did i mention my condiment obsession????

Cinnamon-dusted canned pumpkin, grapes, and apples on frozen yogurt?

Why not?Instead of eating cereal with milk or yogurt, what about stirring up puffed rice and granola in applesauce mixed with hemp protein powder?

it's not easy being green.

And, let us definitely NOT forget the foremost freaky foodie achievement of the week: pomegranate-mustard-thyme glazed Brussels sprouts and parsnips on flax-infused oats covered in yellow mustard and ketchup.

do my co-workers think i'm weird for eating it....or photographing it?

Yep. I should probably rename my blog The Strange Kitchen, considering most of the recipes I come up with are things most people would never think to even want to eat.*

*It has taken me a long time to realize that the reason I probably don’t get many blog comments is most people are too kind to say, “Um. That looks disgustingly odd.”

garlic, rosemary, and applesauce...hummus?

But I let my foodie freak flag fly.

And I’m proud of it.


Thanks to Laura for shining a light on all of the freaky foodies out there. We are sisters in strange, and I love her for it! Next week, perhaps I’ll have an actual Strange But Good recipe to share…but like I said, my whole blog is pretty much strange but good. :)

In the mean time, check out what other weird food movement supporters have come up with!


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