Winner, Winner…TURKEY Dinner! [WIAW]

by Sarah on November 21, 2012 · 8 comments

…or if you are vegan(-tarian), NO turkey dinner?

As you read this, I am in transit (or have–hopefully–arrived) at my Thanksgiving celebration destination, and you, perhaps, are following (have followed) my travels (not, I pray, travails) via instagram, or are waiting anxiously–because what else do you really have to do? ;)–for blog updates. [Since we all know that Miss Smart’s adventures outside of The Smart Kitchen are often the most entertaining…]

But The Smart Kitchen is closed.

At least for the holidays.*

*Instagram, however, is always open…

I’m going to remind myself of the purpose of that blog reduction I said needed–and subsequently ignored for the most part–try to rest, enjoy family, and focus on remembering to be grateful for the good* in my life.

*I accidentally just wrote ‘food’—which I am thankful for, too.My plate will look a lot like what you see above…which is my Thanksgiving day plate from last year. It might have been my first meat-free holiday, but I was never about the turkey so much anyway.

The reason it will look similar? Well, Jenn, and all you other turkey trotters, in all the years I can remember having Thanksgiving with my mom’s family, I have never known a deviation from this menu:

  • Roast turkey
  • Wild turkey (shot by my uncle or cousins)
  • Ham (of the Honeybaked variety, often decimated prior to its appearance on the sideboard thanks to finger swipes from various members of the family)
  • Bertha’s Biscuits–small, half-dollar-sized baking powder bites that taste better to me than any giant butter blob ever could–with Mayhaw Jelly
  • Cranberry Sauce–homemade…no BPA-impressed ridges here
  • Dressing (although Sister Smart, Brother Smart, and I do have the Yankee habit of calling it ‘stuffing’)
  • Sweet Potatoes--with pecan streusel, NEVER marshmallows
  • Apple-Cranberry Casserole–because if you call it casserole, you get to have dessert as part of your main meal
  • Peas–with Bertha’s ‘Special Seasoning’ (which, as far as I have ascertained is Molly McButter + Beau Monde seasoning)

And by the time we’ve finished eating, there might be a half-hearted attempt to eat some pie or chocolate dessert that was either bought for a fundraiser or made on a whim, but when Bertha’s cookie tin gets passed around, everyone is definitely more interested in those.

If you’d like to read more about my love for sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving

whip it. whip it, good.

–and the time I was homesick in Austin and ended up not taking them to the potluck so I could just eat them all myself–I have a healthified (but not veganized) version of the Sweet Potato Casserole here.And if you, too, want an excuse to eat something almost dessert-like for dinner, check out the recipe for Apple-Cranberry Crumble I veganized for the Make Time For Change campaign last October.

But who is still trying to figure out what they serving the day before Thanksgiving? [Good thing I have been know to eat these all year long…]


Now…on to the “winner, winner” part of this post.  :)

I have had not one, but TWO giveaways going on for a week or so, and I finally chose some winners, who can add an extra special note of thanks to their holiday this year.Who will be fabulously fizzy and fermented with a sampler pack of Cascal?

The winner of the giveaway…well, ‘itz’ Linz!

And who will join me in my passionate (but totally G-rated) love affair with Plant Fusion in all its goopy glory?

Clear some space on your pantry shelves, Miss Gina.[E-mail me with your shipping details, ladies.]

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! :)


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