What [Not Who] I Voted For [Wednesday]

by Sarah on November 7, 2012 · 15 comments

Yesterday, those of us who have reached our eighteenth birthdays utilized our freedom by participating in the election of the President of the United States (among other candidates and questions).

i was more excited to get this sticker than the small children with their dad in front of me.

Being an altogether apolitical (but, I like to think, patriotic) individual, I do not feel the need to express my opinion on who I voted for, or my thoughts on the outcome–which at the time of this writing, we do not knowbut I would like to tell you, Jenn and my fellow What I Ate Wednesday compatriots, some other things I definitely voted for on Election Day.With the day off from school, I voted YES to sleeping in. [7:30 AM is sleeping in to an elementary school teacher.]

vote NO to wearing socks you stole from mama smart (who also made them) if she follows you on instagram. oops.

I voted YES to Gold Rush apples. I vote NO to the fact that they are no longer available from the orchard. :(

one of the produce guys at whole foods actually said to me this weekend, "i remember you..you were the one who kept telling everyone to buy those apples two weeks ago." (guilty.)

 I voted YES to sprinkles.Funfetti Oatmeal for President.And some days, you just have to vote YES to a second bowl.

rather simple bowl of proats made with strawberry vanilla genuine health vegan proteins

I voted YES to Hemp Hearts.

they are just so darn pretty. (and flavorfully complex)

I voted YES to a two-hour friend date.

I also support the barista who suggested I combine the spiced roobis with the ginger tea.

I voted YES to Banana Bread Nutty Butter.*

*By the way, today is the last day to place your orders for November

 But you’ll have to wait until the new year some time to get it….

And I continue to vote YES to bizarrevery awesome colder weather running ensembles. (And bouffant hairdos.)

what will i add to my hippie leprechaun zebra look next?

I definitely vote YES to the act of throwing random veggies from your freezer and fridge into a pot far exceeding expectations.

there is nothing smoked paprika, thyme, and cumin can't fix.

And to calling it the Soup of the (Three Day) Week!

i also apparently support the primary color cause.

I always vote yes to Yogi Ginger Tea, but this impulse buy Kroger Private Selection Sweet Cinnamon Spice just might be part of my new nightly tea platform. [The combination of cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, and who knows what else literally smells–and tastes–like the holidays.]

I am a bipartisan tea drinker.

And I’m going to take my second cup–with the same tea bag (I vote for weak tea in the name of saving money)–and vote YES to eating this AMAZING bowl of Greek yogurt messiness

fage 0% w. raspberries, love grown raisin almond crunch, and a mess of other deliciousness

…and vote YES to some mindless, but incredibly endearing, television. :)


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