Vegan Mo-FAIL + Food Swap

by Sarah on November 1, 2012 · 13 comments

I have failed the Vegan Month of Food.

Not because I ate yogurt the first two or three days because I refused to waste any of it.

(Straight out of the tub is the best for the edge bits. I need a witty name for that. The way I have bug and crumblies and chiplets. Perhaps yo-grip? Because it grips the edge of the carton? Maybe?)

No, after that, I ate vegan the entire month, even making Nutty Butter (smidge of) honey-free.But I was always looking forward to November, when I could eat yogurt, or my beloved Scat! Bars, or even Love Grown Granola, again.

spent 20 minutes checking expiration dates--not that i ever pay attention to them--so i could stock up at the $1 fage sale

 I failed because I was already a vegan* ‘mo fo.

*with benefits

And even though sometimes I eat yogurt, have goodies baked with eggs or honey, and occasionally take a bite of seafood (perhaps practically licking the plate of straight-up butter sauce while I’m at it…), my blog is already vegan.

just like this baked bean chili

Arbitrarily tagging posts as ‘Vegan Month of Food’ just because they happen to be vegan wasn’t really what the Vegan Mo Fo was about.And while I do eat a (95%) vegan diet, I do not always define myself as a vegan. I celebrate food of all types, whether or not I’m eating them, waxing poetic just as much over how delicious pulled pork smells as how yummy roasted squash tastes.

pre-roast, obviously. although i'll make a case for eating the roasted 'guts.'

So I failed. I gave up writing posts specifically for this month, because my life is a vegan month of a food. :)

Oh well.

One thing I won’t fail on is saying thank you to my Vegan Food Swap match, Amanda, for an AMAZING package this month. [Even if I failed to do it on the right day…]

From the minute I saw the bright blue owl on the bright pink gift bag, I knew this was going to be good.

Why, hello!For the second month in a row, this swap proved to be PERFECT for me.

(Although I have again failed…in using any of it but the soy sauce, because I have issues with opening crackers when I’ve already got some open, and perpetually save travel packs of nut butter for trips that I never seem to take.)

From the (coco) nut butters…

…to the unique local goodies…

kentucky bourbon smoked salt and local soy sauce!

…and the nod to my Wasa obsession.

doctor cracker is the upper class wasa

I loved every minute of opening this box. :)

The Verdant Life’s Vegan Food Swap is going on hiatus for November and December, but I hope it will be back in January. I might fail at the Vegan Mo Fo, but I certainly LOVE this exchange.

Failure or not, one thing’s for sure.

It’s still my blog.

And I’ll do what I want.


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