There Are No Georgia Peaches in November [WIAW]

by Sarah on November 28, 2012 · 11 comments

A Thanksgiving trip that began with a Chobani bowl at 4:00AM on my drive to the airport…

never too early for chobani time.

…and ended with a giant apple that had survived the trip to Georgia and back in the bottom of my backpack…

…is bound to have some interesting–and yet healthy–meals. [Wouldn’t you agree, Jenn? (And all y’all WIAW peaches?)]

Although we were there for Thanksgiving–

—and I did polish off more than my fair share of the Apple Cranberry Casserole I love so much

the last of it may have somehow disappeared my last night while everyone else was in bed.

–the Georgia pines offered up some other delicious treats as well.

[And I’m not just talking about the coffee I was able to carry on my horse.]

glamorous horse back riding....gliding?

Although as I look back over my photographs, coffee DOES seem to be a somewhat recurring theme.

always take food from a flight attendant. even if you don't normally consume cookies before 7:00 AM.

Granted, when you start off with a 3:30AM alarm after 5 hours of sleep, potentially never fully recovering……you are allowed a little fake energy. [And coffee is currently good for us, right?]

this cup enjoyed on a park bench downtown during a life chat with my cousin.

Packing pre-measured cups of protein powder was an attempt to maintain a semblance of normalcy in my travel diet, but using a different type of oats, on a different stove, resulted in a couple of overflowing bowls of (still delicious) ‘proat’ soup.

i was never a honey bee until i consumed this local honey on pie-spiced proats...

 I even kick-started my healthy voyage with proats-on-a-plane.Yes, I pre-packed the proats and toppings…and made it through security with just a swab test.

TSA: I need to check something in your bag.

Me: Is it the oatmeal?

TSA: No, it is in a jar.

Me: Right. The oatmeal.

Y’all should know by know I have no shame, and neither assembling this in the terminal, nor eating it on the airplane, caused me a moment’s hesitation. [I also didn’t flinch at photographing the entire process…repeatedly.] Although my Instagram photos might indicate otherwise…I do actually eat things besides oatmeal.

Like oatmeal cookies.

We went out to lunch twice, and staying vegan (with benefits) wasn’t that difficult. I had a cheese-less hearts of palm and artichoke sandwich one day……and a feta-free Greek salad another. [The Maple Mustard Vinaigrette I asked to be substituted was AMAZING by the way…]Of course, y’all know that my ‘vegan with benefits’ diet often just means ‘vegan who eats Greek yogurt,’ so when Chobani appeared in the fridge, well, how could I deny myself a lil’ bowl?

with leftover cranberry sauce on top of course!

 Staying healthy while traveling (and during the holidays) really isn’t so tricky.But I plead the fifth on what happened to all the cocoa-dusted pecans.


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