What I Ate (My First) Day

by Sarah on October 10, 2012 · 16 comments

Every afternoon, I would write my first graders the morning message for the following day so it would be ready when I was inevetibly running late and frantic in the morning well thought out and appropriate to the theme of study.

On Friday, the message I left was this:Because Miss Smart got herself a corner office.*

*No matter how many times I make the quip, it never gets old.bittersweet Monday, to be sure, as I have grown very attached to my first graders. Every long-term sub knows the day will come when she has to ‘give the kids back,’ however, and at least I was lucky enough to have another position to walk into! Intervention was my job in Texas, and I loved it then; hopefully I will love it again. :)In honor of my new, full-time (read: stable and salaried) job, I thought I’d take this What I Ate Wednesday opportunity to share with you, Jenn–and the rest of my Smart Kitchen students–what this vegan teacher eats on a (somewhat) atypical day.I say somewhat atypical, because the first order of business was actually New Employee Orientation, which didn’t start until 9:00. This meant I had an extra two hours to hit the gym with my fitmixer aminos…

fitmixer not only fuels workouts, it is quite adept at perching on sink ledges

…and eat my ‘proats’ at home, and not in the car.*

*OK, fine, I was running late and still had to carry this in the car.

cinnamon chocolate 'proats' w. local pippin apples, frozen blueberries, and a sprinkling of wegman's chai-spiced fiber essentials

It was also the return of a BUG!*

*Please sing to the tune of “Return of the Mack” 

bowls (slash) mugs might be my favorite type of servingware

Following the three-hour (plus) orientation, where I learned how not to harass people and not to stand on chairs--which I promptly ignored while later decorating my classroom–I rushed home to grab my lunch.Even though I had carefully prepped the leftovers of my Tunisian Artichoke + Tomato Sauce, I spontaneously decided to turn it into a Tunisian tomato florentine.

And put it in a jar. Because that made sense.

Until it didn’t.Luckily the P28 Bread I grabbed from the freezer for dipping wasn’t a fail as well.A quick zap in the microwave gave me bread of the perfect squish factor. :)

After much unpacking of resources and attempting to tape posters on walls (and then trying to tape them up again when they fell down), it was time for the requisite after school Wasa snack.*

*I swear, after my ‘ode to Wasa’ post the company needs to hire me for PR. Cardboard never looked so good.

multigrain wasa with vanilla spice tempt hemp protein paste and PB2 glop, topped with previously frozen--and very messy--berries

After a trip to the grocery store and a not-yet-perfected attempt at French Toast Soy-gurt, some Nutty Butter business, blah blah blah, I decided the cold weather dictated I actually COOK something for dinner, rather than stick with my usual giant fridge purge bowl. I always get super excited when the portabella caps are discounted. [OK, I get super excited when anything is discounted.] I simply poured some balsamic dressing on ’em, sprinkled a bit of dried thyme and rosemary, and then popped ’em in the oven. The sliced red bell peppers were a last minute decision.Sliced over a salad of spinach, microwave flash-steamed yellow squash, and the peppers, with a plop of Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Hummus, this was DELICIOUS, and surprisingly filling.The Pretty Little Liars mini-marathon that followed as it does every night was interrupted by this sadly not unusual scene in the kitchen.I have a genetic disposition for being unable to eat only one type of cereal at a time. Trust me. You should see Papa Smart’s pantry.

psyllium husk + apple cinnamon chex + 365 peanut butter balls + wegman's chai-spiced fiber essentials

Once the bugs have come out to play…it’s hard not to eat everything out of them. :)Of course, I wasn’t done there…an ‘oh my goll, I finally picked out a perfectly ripe’ pear and local Black Twig apple were the perfect match for not one, but four types of Nutty Butter.

not that i actually ate them together. i really just like my nut butter straight up. with a spoon. like the other eight spoonfuls (or so) i ate directly from the jar after this photo was taken.

Speaking of Nutty Butter…while you can’t get your hands on the test batch persimmon and banana-based butters, or the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, in the photo above, you have one more day to order the Caramel Apple (and unpictured Apple Pie)! [See the Nutty Butter page for details. :)]


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