Weathering the (Franken) Storm [WIAW]

by Sarah on October 31, 2012 · 25 comments

Happy Halloween!

I haven’t had much horror in my life this October, which I should be thankful for I think. :) Since I spent last weekend celebrating many blendships, I missed Halloween shenanigans in town. No dressing up this year for me…but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a little bit of a spook.In fact, the whole East Coast has had a bit of a spook, and for some it has been scarier than others. Thankfully, everyone in my family is fine, and here in Charlottesville, all the stress and panic resulted in lot of rain, more than a few strong wind gusts, and two days off from school. I spent all of Monday just waiting for the power to go out, but in the end, I was able to enjoy two days weathering the Frankenstorm in comfort. [Not everyone has been, obviously, so lucky.] Thinking it might be the last time I was able to cook breakfast for awhile, I took time to slowly cook a batch of ‘proats’ featuring oats, oat bran, TVP, and flax seed. Chocolate Plant Fusion protein powder and LorAnn Oils English Toffee flavoring turned them into a sweet Heath Bar treet!On Monday morning’s Today Show, they gave a timeline of the order you should eat your food if (and when) the power goes out. Since raw, uncut veggies last for a relatively long time without refrigeration, I stocked up that morning. Just because there is a hurricane, doesn’t mean you can’t stay healthy, right?I also stumbled upon Sweetango apples! These were my FAVORITE last fall, while in Austin, so I was incredibly excited to find them in Virginia.Another piece of advice from The Today Show was to eat your proteins–including tofu–and all cut veggies first. Thus, my lunch.

you thought i was lying when i said i eat this sabra tuscan hummus every day, didn't you?

I swear, my lunch on Tuesday was totally different. Can’t you see the lack of tofu and substitution of zucchini for cucumbers? Can’t you?The lack of tofu on Tuesday can be attributed to my impromptu dinner Monday night: an Asian rice florentine soup made with leftover vegetable broth, poured over some sad spinach–cooked out of its misery– with added cubed, slightly cooked tofu, and brown rice.

miso, ginger, sambal oolek, and soy sauce were all the seasoning I needed

You know what doesn’t go bad when the power goes out? Nutty Butter!This Peach Cobbler-esque test batch proved might yummy, both then…and late night. :)

A sweet hurricane present–albeit one I bought myself, but no matter–arrived in the mail Monday afternoon: Capella flavor drops in a plethora of flavors I could not wait to get started trying out.

Upon discovering Hart of Dixie on Netflix, Rach and I commenced a marathon of the show, during which I consumed a big ol’ yogurt mess, using the Gingerbread flavor drops to add a little something extra to the Trader Joe’s vanilla soy yogurt.

Cranberry sauce seemed a natural pairing with Gingerbread yogurt.

Cranberry sauce also tasted great with another of my favorite apples: GOLD RUSH! These are crazy good…so much so that I did a little dance at Whole Foods when I saw they had come in for the season.Those apples are so good, that although my dinner of Carrot Lentil Curry–with chiplets–was satisfying…

a few chiplets at a time...until the very end, when you dump them all on at once!

…I just might need to go get myself a little snack. :) [What do you think, Jenn?]


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