Sign I Am Not A Normal Person #1,350

by Sarah on October 16, 2012 · 12 comments

Sign I Am a Very Narcissistic Not a Normal Person #1,350:Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in any reflective surfacea mirror–

I once read that Leos have an inability to walk by a reflective surface without checking themselves out. I think this is true.

–and generally while wearing my sunglasses–

(often inside)*

*But at least not at night, like Corey Hart.

and sometimes in black and white...

…and I think, “Dang, girl–“

“–that is one entirely different type of Vegan MoFo.”

my pout could rival the olson twins.


I only say it because it’s true.

[And perhaps ‘taking entirely too many pictures of myself in public bathrooms’ should be Sign I Am Not a Normal Person #1,351?]

I was teaching a cooking class. I don't shop in my aprons. Usually.



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