Everything on a Wasa [WIAW]

by Sarah on October 3, 2012 · 14 comments

It started innocently enough, with a (sadly typical) excessive amount of food purchases from Big Lots.

[Little did we all know they were a hot bed of vegan friendly treats, all marked with the orange sticker of discount glory.]The first time I could argue that I bought so much because half some of my purchases would end up going towards my Vegan Food Swap package…but when I went BACK to Big Lots, ostensibly “for a new brush,” I couldn’t deny the sad truth:

I have developed a minor food fixation* on wasa.

*I prefer fixation to obsession, as I can clearly live without them…but at the moment, I don’t want to.

further fixation proof? ripping open this package in a fit of hunger after school. yes, sometimes laziness prevents me from bringing in dry goods from the car.

Despite my astounding abilities in baking breads, I’ve never been much of a ‘bread head.’ Maybe it is my new running obsession, but lately the (occasionally crunchy) carb cravings have been through the roof. So much so that my life feels a bit like a ‘don’t judge me for finding cardboard appealing’ version of the kid-friendly Newbery Award-winner Everything on a Waffle.

I have a catalogue of children's lit in my head, despite not having read most of them. This is what teaching elementary school does to you.

It’s just a bonus that they are vegan friendly.

Maybe you think they are tasteless, Jenn and followers of the weekly round up that is What I Ate On a Wasa Wednesday, but the way I see it, that just means you get to have more fun with what you jazz them up with.Wonderful.

sourdough topped with trader joe's tomato basil hummus + raw tempeh, with dijon mustard and veggies


pinjur sauce-mashed tofu and roasted delicata rings


vanilla plant fusion protein goop with peanut butter applesauce and bananas


(Didn’t we just see that?)

a much more composed version, with PB2 drizzle


vanilla spice tempt hemp protein + raspberries + granola


chocolate plant fusion + PB2 paste + love grown cocoa goodness granola


with three sisters cinnamon sweets, kashi indigo morning, and 365 brown rice crisps

….NOT go ahead and crumble them up onto a bowl of cereal?

people say kashi tastes like cardboard...so is this really all that different?

And before you accuse me of just using wasa crispbreads as a means for furthering the advancement of my newfound proclivity for protein powders…

since vanilla plant fusion tastes like cake, i totally should have put sprinkles on this.

…well, that’sanother post for another (what I ate wednes)day.

seeing the picture again is NOT as satisfying as eating it again

What wasa wonder will we witness….next?*

*I hate when alliteration falls apart like that.


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