Buggin’ Out [WIAW]

by Sarah on October 24, 2012 · 15 comments

It’s not that I hate plates.

I just really like bowls.

french toast 'soy'gurt bowl with cereal and crumbled wasa crackers

Or even, you know, “bowls” made out of food.

kuri squash stuffed with couscous and pineapple, covered in mustard and HP sauce

I do, however, get incredibly frustrated by tiny mugs. [You know, the ‘normal’ sized ones that hold the amount of coffee we are actually supposed to drink.] With mugs, size does matter.

It should come as no surprise, then, that my favorite servingware piece is a combination of the two: a perfect combination of giant-sized mug and deep, handled bowl.

Bug [noun]: bowl [slash] mug.

raffi inspired o-pple and ban-ono oats. which i like to 'oat.'

There hasn’t been much spookin’ or Halloweenin’ around these parts, Jenn, but there HAS been a whole lot of creepy, crawly buggin’.

Food is a little more comforting when you can cup it in your hands to eat it.

trader joe's vanilla soy yogurt 'bug' w. cereal, apples, and frozen berries

I usually don’t even use the handle.

proats w. roasted grapes and apples, chopped dates, and chai-spiced wegman's fiber essentials cereal

But I really like knowing that it is there.

TVP-roats w. previously frozen berries and Pro Bar crumblies

And although these World Market stackable bugs are my favorite, for their tapered bottoms that fit perfectly into your car cup holder when you need to eat breakfast on the go every day sometimes…

and they color coordinate so well!

…the $7.00 travel bug for breakfast and school lunch was one of my best investments.

caribbean kaleidoscope stew with simply bar chili protein chips (more on those at a later date)

I know you might be wondering if I only eat oatmeal, cereal, and other breakfast foods.*

*Aside from the above photo which I clearly took on purpose to add some diversity to this post.

although, to be fair, these proats with mango + strawberries were eaten in the afternoon

 Obviously not, y’all.

I just have a separate special bowl for dinner.

and I really never eat from anything else.


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