The Apple Collection (Nutty Butter News)

by Sarah on September 27, 2012 · 116 comments

As of Tuesday evening’s succesful state inspection, Nutty Butter, LLC is officially licensed for business.An official license to sell means a new and different business model…and I’m not just talking about a future Etsy shop and potential farmers market booths.*

*Now that I can actually advertise the brand, and not just instagram the bejeezus out of it.

the genius of calee himes at work

You see, the reason I haven’t been sharing very much about Nutty Butter lately–except for hints very obvious revelations of flavors I have been working on–is that I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make operating a business I truly love manageable, while also giving time to a job, a blog, and a LIFE I truly love as well.

blog tip #451: when lacking an appropriate photograph, just throw in some nutty butter porn

 What I have come up with is this:

Every month, I will offer 2-3 flavors for purchase. It is just too much to try and offer more than that, with each recipe requiring very specific–and often different–ingredients. Also, the time it takes to switch batches when I am working in a commercial kitchen, with a set amount of time, and an inability to mass produce, means I am losing money unless I streamline.

I will announce the next month’s flavors during the last week of the previous month via the blog.

I will then accept orders for two weeks. This will allow me to calculate the quantities of dry goods, jars, and labels I will need to produce.

Production will occur mid-month, and Nutty Butter will be shipped during the third week of the month. [For the holiday season, your orders will arrive just in time for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. I apologize that I cannot guarantee Hannakuh deliveries, but when we get to December, I will do my best to expedite.]

nutty butter jars don't actually fit in this size box anymore...but I am too lazy to hunt through my photos for a more accurate example at this moment

This plan will allow me to focus on making the best product possible and continue creating new flavors (my favorite part of the business!) while maintaining the small batch, made-to-order business model I started with. I will reevaluate in January, but for now, I think it is the best for me…and therefore the best for Nutty Butter! :)

and what is best for nutty butter is what is best for everyone

So what are the flavors for October? What is this deliciousness I have set before your feasting eyes? Obviously, I was inspired by the flavors of fall, and the first of those is apple.

Caramel Apple

Apple Pie

slightly false advertising, as this is actually another flavor i am testing...but apple pie pretty much looks like this

Trust me. You want them. You want them both.

But you only have until October 11th to e-mail and order them.

Of course, as usual, with the revelation of any new flavorI mean, did anyone catch that I have made a Nutty Butter that tastes like CARAMEL APPLES?–comes a giveaway!

i just don't see any reason to hold back on the gratuitous images of the glory that is caramel apple nutty butter, do you?

To win a jar of Caramel Apple Nutty Butter with which to make your neighbors jealous, and inspire your IG followers to kick themselves for not ordering it (or prod them to do so), simply leave a comment with your favorite way to use nut butter–yours, mine, or Justin’s–or perhaps your dream flavor creation.

Additional entries:

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  • Tweet about the joy of apples + nut butter combined: “@thesmartkitchen is giving away a jar of caramel apple @Nutty_Butter!”

I wish I could show you what it will look like when it is labeled…but I’m still not 100% sure on that. Fingers crossed it will look like thisbeautiful creation:

again, can we all just cheer that calee himes' artistic abilities exist in the world?

Everyone who DOESN’T win can start a-prayin’ that they win November or December’s flavor of the month…one of which involves something quite orange……and the other gets a little sweet-and-spicy. 😉


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