Snap, CRUMBLE, Pop! [WIAW]

by Sarah on September 19, 2012 · 19 comments

Maybe I’m just really obsessed with fractions or something, but lately I have developed a rather significant aversion to food in its whole form.I’m much more into the ‘parts.’

creamsicle 'proats' made with vanilla plant fusion + orange juice topped with blueberries, apples, and spiced peach + date protein + fiber bar crumblies

Specifically, I love crumblies.

Not to be confused with chiplets–which deserve their own recognition as delicious toppers for soups and salads of all kinds–

Pop Chip(let)s are especially delicious when covered in a dressing that tastes like onion dip :)

–I’ve written odes to crumblies before. Just the other night I found myself diving into the bottom of a cereal bag for my favorite part: the cereal dust and crumbled remnants that either make your milk taste really delicious in their akin-to-protein-powder dissolveability OR help create the most amazingly coated yogurt globsfor a tastebud-tingling textural treat. :)

crumblies under lychee grapefruit yogurt topped with FROG preserves and (not as exciting) cinnamon sweets cereal...globs came later.

But getting unnaturally excited to create a Love Grown Cocoa Goodness-covered Greek yogurt snowball from the chocolatey dust indicating your single-handed (stomached?) dominance over deliciousness is one thing…

You know you have fallen into crumb-diction when you start to purposefully make your own.

That’s right, Jenn and my fellow crumb-patriots in What I Ate Wednesdayfall fun, I have taken my old definition of crumblies and taken it to a whole new level.

kashi dark mocha almond bar crumblies in chobani vanilla chocolate chunk

I’m no longer content to sit still and wait for the bottom of the cereal box to peek it’s beautiful tanned face up through a shallow sea of crumblies, I’m taking granola [and other bars] and crumbling THEM up as well.

creamsicle proats (take two) with my homemade FROG jam, cap'n crunch treasures, and the rest of the afore-displayed kashi dark mocha bar

 Sure, I love (grown ;)) granola.

And sure, it would be easier to go straight for that.

running-spired carbfest of scat! morning rhythm granola and spiced peach + date bar crumblies

But I revel in breaking up the bars formed from the coagulation of granola-gredients when combined with naturally sweet syrup or nut butter deliciousness.

strawberries, PB2, and blueberry almond scat! bar crumblies on oats (what else?)

Yet lately, it is not only bars that cannot escape my prone-to-crumble fingers.

Nothing is safe.

My Edamame + Quinoa Faux-quettes with Apple, Basil, and Mint were yummy whole. But by the time they made it into my lunchbox? CRUMBLIES!

My definition of crumblies has been redefined to include cookies and sweet crisps.

soyummi tapioca pudding with black grapes and 34 degrees graham crisps

Veggie burgers? Better to become veggie CRUMBLIES!

these don lee farms veggie patties from costco are the best thing ever. except crumblies of course.

I couldn’t even leave dear Lindsay‘s Apple Parfait Healthy Bites alone…CRUMBLY Bites, anyone?

pie-spiced 'proats' w. the most delicious red bartlett pear and apple parfait healthy bite crumblies

Maybe it’s simply because I treasure texture.

Maybe it’s because I eat like a small child and I like to play with my food.

But even my applesauce needed crumblies added.

wacky apple golden applesauce with squirrel scat! bar (cranberry, peanut, sesame seed) crumblies

 Now if only I could figure out how to crumble all the Nutty Butter I’ve been eating testing….

caramel apple nutty's coming...


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