Oatshake Obsession

by Sarah on September 5, 2012 · 29 comments

In another case of hypocritical me, I used to totally be a smoothie hater.

I mean…why drink when you can eat?

The smoothie cup attachment for my immersion blender only received attention when I needed to make avocado dressing. Ice? Fruit? Never.But then–due to my new, obviously very pressing need to try every new protein powder I can find–the lovely Kaitlin obliged in sending me three varieties of Shakeology to try.And I figured that now was as good a time as any to make a smoothie. [But at least I could be contrary and make it in a bowl.* With food on top of it.]

*Not that contrary considering smoothie-in-a-bowl is (was?) a ‘thing’ for the healthy living blogger set. Like embroidered chinos in Nantucket.

vegan tropical strawberry shakeology made w. extra frozen berries and topped with love grown cocoa goodness and peanut butter cheerios

And yeah. It was pretty darn good.

But it should come with no surprise that I looked upon my recent epic oatmeal creations…

oats with PB2, chia seeds, white peaches, and vanilla blueberry luna bar fiber crumblies

–occasionally served in glass, cup-like containers*–

*also known as (apple butter) jars

i don't remember what was in here, but i know it involved the last of the McCutcheon's apple butter, strawberries, peanut butter...and apparently some granola

–and determined that shakes and oats should just go ahead and get it on.

Hello, Oatshake, you beautiful breakfast love child.

strawberry vanilla Plant Fusion oatshake with. bananas, peached, and homemade (Xagave-sweetened) kiwi berry jam

All you’ve got to do is blend up a portion your favorite protein powder with a little-less-than-called-for almond (or other) milk and water, with the addition of frozen fruit or applesauce to help thicken it up a bit.

[You can, of course, add more liquid, but as I discovered with watermelon it will become an oatzpacho instead. :)]

too much liquid = oatzpacho quicksand (photos of toppings must be taken prior to supply drop)

While you are working on that and daydreaming which fruit and granola (or granola bar crumblies) you are going to put on top today–

apple cinnamon oatshake w. bananas + Scat Bar Scatterings (including dried cherries and chocolate covered espresso beans)

–cook your oatmeal! (I use a mix of oats and oat bran, occasionally with ginger or cinnamon.)

Both of my oat products come from kroger...because the k-roger makes a great generic product (and generally sells chobani for $1)

Then, mix ’em together! [If you mix while the oats are still hot, it will blend more smoothly. I tend to let them cool a bit, which gives more texture. I also make it the night before and let it get even thicker in the fridge.]

I'm weird. (For many reasons.) I like some oatmeal globs and not perfectly smooth texture. You do what you want. :)

[Of course, if you actually BLEND in the oatmeal, and don’t stir it, you run the risk of blueberry oat borscht once again…]

frozen blueberry vanilla deliciousness with bananas and weetabix crumblies

 Once you have your oatshake base…the fun REALLY begins! *

tropical strawberry Shakeology oatshake with white peach and luna bar strawberry peanut butter crumblies

*Toppings are the best part of sundaes…AND oatshakes.

chocolate Plant Fusion oatshake w. cherries and vanilla blueberry luna fiber bar crumblies

I love these oatshakes so much, it may or may not have become lunch on one (or more) occasion(s). I foresee a potential ‘ate overnight oats every day for four months until one morning I could do it no more’ food fixation in my future.

oatshakes: they're not just for breakfast anymore.

 It’s Wednesday, isn’t it? So I may as well join the What I Ate Wednesday party over at Jenn‘s (Peas & Crayons) place.* Obviously, I (and my fruit and granola crumblies) have been ‘falling’ into oatshakes.

*Of course, now that I’ve let go of the blog as an obligation, I didn’t feel the need to wake up just past midnight and try to get my WIAW link ‘in’ before everyone else to potentially reach the most number of eyes throughout the day. [Note to everyone: It doesn’t really increase number of pageviews to do that.]

And this morning’s might have started out to be the best one yet. :)


P.S. Thanks so much for your positive support about my blog reduction. I feel lighter already, and I hope you’ll still stop by The Smart Kitchen from time to time to see if I’m around for a chat. :)


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