Simply (The Best) Bar (None) [Giveaway!]

by Sarah on August 14, 2012 · 152 comments

Did I look up the origins of the expression “bar none” in order to title this post the way I did? Yes. Did I feel sort of silly for not realizing it’s just short for ‘barring’ none? Yes.


I first heard about The Simply Bar at the Blend Retreat this year, when Janetha was spotted lugging a giant cardboard box of them into the center of our pre-hike gathering and said, “Let me introduce you to the bar that will change your life.”

OK. That’s not entirely how it happened. But it could have. It should have.

The Simply Bar might not have changed my life, but it did change my ideas about protein bars.

Unlike many bars I have eaten (and, to be honest, did enjoy) The Simply Bar is not a sugar-high masquerading as a protein bar.

I was immediately shocked at the incredible amount of protein–16g?!–for the comparative number of calories (only 150).Even more incredible than that, however, are the flavors. From the Caramel Peanut that provided a much-needed afternoon pick-me-up at school…….to the Cinnamon Pecan that saved my stomach from eating my spine* on a road trip to Richmond.

*Thank you Laura for that turn of phrase.And–even when it was miniature and smushed–who can deny the deliciousness of anything Chocolate Peanut Butter?I’m also pretty sure that the Lemon Coconuta lemon coconut protein bar?!?!–was partly responsible for Lemon Bar Nutty Butter. Thanks to the kindness of the company–and the fact that I won not one…

…but TWO different giveways…

…I have been able to try all of the flavors. [Even if I am really bad about sharing…]

“Sorry, Liz, I totally brought this Simply Bar so you could taste it…but I ate it on the way here.”*

*True story.I might be bad about sharing, but I’m REALLY great at spreading my love for these bars, as we all discovered (later that same day) when I was expounding their fabulous characteristics with such effusiveness at the Richmond Vegetarian Festival that the volunteers  became confused about who was actually working the booth.I can’t, unfortunately, hook you up with the (amazingly incredible) Chocolate Raspberry, but I CAN give away a set of the other four most popular U.S.-distributed Simply Bars.

How to win a set of Simply (the best) Bars of your own?

Simply leave a comment telling me what creative bar flavor YOU would create if you could: Ginger cashew? Maple strawberry? Vanilla orange cardamom?

Additional entries:

  • Follow The Simply Bar  on twitter.
  • Follow The Smart Kitchen on twitter.
  • Tweet about the giveaway…something like: ” @thesmartkitchen is giving away a set of @thesimplybar–it’s simply SMART to enter :) “

I’ll pick a winner in a few days!


Before I giveaway The Simply Bar, I should probably close the Birthday Cake Nutty Butter giveaway, huh?

Happy (Nutty Butter) Birthday to….E-mail me Kristen…I can’t wait to get you some Nutty Butter! :)


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