Saying “No” Is (Sometimes) AWESOME.

by Sarah on August 17, 2012 · 11 comments

If we are talking about things that are awesome–and, since it is Friday, we are–being asked to be a part of a Newbie Q&A panel at this year’s Healthy Living Summit ranks pretty high on the scale of one to awesome, don’t you think?I’m good at saying ‘no’ to a lot of things (cigarettes, a second drink,  french fries, candy that isn’t labeled with a lowercase Times New Roman ‘m’…), but the chance to speak on a panel at the Healthy Living Summit?

That’s pretty hard to say ‘no’ to.

I love blogger meet-ups of all shapes and sizes, and I love talking to anyone who will listen newbie bloggers about my blogging experience. So I was pretty gosh darn excited about the whole thing.

But–for those of y’all who don’t know–I got a long-term substitute job in first grade until October.*

*Which, when you think about it, is also pretty awesome. As much as I love Nutty Butter, it doesn’t pay the bills. (Yet?)

So, in addition to spending the week cutting out laminate, labeling endless folders and nametags, and attending faculty meetings and trainings, I’ve been adjusting to a ‘back to school’ schedule while also watching the Nutty Butter orders accumulate on my ‘August Orders’ spreadsheet.

This is, I realize, an AWESOME problem.

So, rather than drive 15+ hours, leaving after the Thursday evening Open House, and then back–through every major city in the mid-Atlantic–on Sunday (I might have willpower in the face of drugs, fried foods, and sweets…but I am not immune to the irrational) I made the smart decision to save my sanity and say, “No.”*

*After initially saying yes. But it counts, right?I know I’ll be sad not to make new connections and meet bloggers from around the country. I’ll be envious of everyone’s recaps and Instagram photos and twitter proclamations…and perhaps–should Brother Smart fail in his attempts to graciously retrieve my swag for me–the freebies from sponsors.

But I can’t let the fear of missing out prevent me from being focused on what is important right now: my job, my business, and my health.* (It is called a healthy living summit, isn’t it?) I don’t think lack of sleep and resulting stress would be good for anyone…Besides, think of how much Nutty Butter I can make using my new engraved spatulas from Molly in the time I would be spending driving????[Especially since I’ll be giving away some Nutty Butter at HLS. Just because I can’t be there doesn’t mean Nutty Butter can’t!]


What about y’all? Have you said ‘no’ to anything recently? 

Or just share something awesome. :)


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