Orange Miso Hummus

by Sarah on August 23, 2012 · 6 comments

In honor of the first day of first gradeduring which I already recieved many artful portraits and professions of adoration–a simple math problem:

I am still trying to figure out who the teacher with black hair is that the one student claimed to love.

1 can of chickpeas +

1 cup of orange juice +

1  teaspoon white “mellow” miso +

 1 teaspoon minced ginger +

1 teaspoon minced garlic +

1 tablespoon liquid aminos (or soy sauce) +

1 tablespoon tahini +

1 handful of fresh cilantro  =

8-minute Orange Miso Hummus* of the most delicious flavor (and perfect texture) that is shocking in its simplicity and fabulousness considering it was a completely spontaneous “post-evening run and I need something to take to eat tomorrow” creation.*I might like it even more than its slighly more sour cousin–Lemon Miso Hummus–because it brings a certain sweetness akin to that of unassuming six-year-olds versus the slightly more skeptical ten-year-olds I’m used to teaching. I wish I had a glamour shot of this, but I was too busy packing it into my lunchbox for snack on the first day of school……and then using it as a base for my seasoned squash-and-crumbled sprouted tofu wrap (in a Rudi’sgluten-free spinach tortilla) for lunch today.

I swear it is under there!

 I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.


Note: I originally wanted to call this Asian Orange Hummus, but I kept thinking Agent Orange Hummus, which was funny at first because it put me in mind of spies and my obsession with Alias. Then I remembered (after searching the internet) that Agent Orange was used as a weapon during the Vietnam War and somehow the whole thing just seemed really wrong.


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