Nutty Butter (Me) Up-date

by Sarah on August 6, 2012 · 13 comments

This weekend I made the first batch of Nutty Butter

…in a commercial kitchen space!

I used (and overheated) my new KitchenAid food processor.*

*A deal discovered by Rach on Rue La La.

[My old food processor is still chugging along, but I wanted needed something a little bigger.]

But let’s be honest. I was really the most excited about the commercial dishwasher!

OK. That’s not really true. What I’m really most excited about is the new Nutty Butter logo, designed by the beautiful and talented Calee Himes!

I am SO excited to show this to y’all, and to tell you that the labels are also coming along quite beautifully. Every flavor will have it’s own color and label design and from what I’ve been previewed, they are going to be amazing. :)

You can see the horizontal version of the logo on the newly updated Nutty Butter page, where I’ve put info on new pricing, jars, and flavors.

still my handmade labels for now...

If you hope over to the page and check it out, you’ll notice that I’ve retired and semi-retired a few flavors. Cinnamon Coconut will be back once I’ve perfected the formula to my liking, and Apple Pie will be re-released* in the fall, as part of my (not so) super secret Nutty Butter Fall Collection.

*I’ve reformulated it, making it smoother and more authentically apple-tasting.

Chai (Nut) Tea Butter will come back in the winter and Lemon Bar will only be available for a couple more months.

Because of my long-term sub job, I need to refine the flavors I’m offering and perfect my process so I can try (hope, pray, believe I will be able) to manage a full time job with trying to get this small business off of the (clean and sanitary) ground.

I DO have a brand new flavor debuting on Friday, which Liz (and the other Virginia Bloggers at our meet-up over the weekend) got a sneak peek taste of…it’s good, y’all. I promise. :)

Nutty Butter is also now on twitter

….and Facebook!

I’d be much obliged if you would go follow and like Nutty Butter in the various ways that one does that in the social media world. :)

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There’s a chance to win some Nutty Butter waiting for you…