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So, Jenn, you want to talk about summer staples this month?

I’ll tell you about the summer staple around The Smart [Cottage]* Kitchen:

*Rachel wanted me to clarify that the kitchen is in a cottage.


Lots and lots of melon.

‘Round these parts, melon consumption is a little out of control. 

I’m an equal opportunity melon consumer, really. I love cantaloupe, honeydew–which is the most difficult to pick out, truly–and the hard-to-find but uber-melontastic Juan Canary.At any given time, Rach and I have over eight containers of various cut melons in the fridge.

Rach prefers the Ziploc method. I don’t get it. But to each her (mel-) own.

My new method is to store melon in small containers so I can keep the consumption in check. I mean, y’all KNOW how easy it is to open up a giant container of cut melon and then all of a sudden you find yourself drinking the juice in the bottom of an empty tup-faux-ware. We eat so much watermelon in this little cottage of ours, that we start to see watermelons everywhere. Even in the Google logo.*

*E-mail from Rachel: “Why is the Google man running on a slice of watermelon?”It’s not just watermelon. I have been going through quite a bit of cantaloupe as well. I’ve seen a lot of crazy cantaloupe pairings online. After Stephanie talked about a cantaloupe and fig salad she had, I figured I should try it.OK, except instead of a salad with fresh figs and cheese I put cantaloupe and dried figs on top of some Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin Fig granola doused in almond milk.

So…almost the same thing?

And after Lindsay talked about putting salt and pepper on her cantaloupe, I had to see what the fuss was about.

It’s actually right nice.*

*Unlike my feelings about having my hand in photos.

But it really comes back to watermelon.

Not only did I almost buy a second watermelon yesterday, “just in case”*–

*Just in case of what? Just in case I accidentally ate the entire one I had cut up the night before?^

^I say that sarcastically….but…

–but I’m so (water) melon-choly that when at Book Club last night–when presented with a slice of Rach’s delicious homemade blueberry and nectarine pie––I munched on it, sure, but my fork really just kept wanting to go back into the bowl of watermelon behind my plate.

I’m definitely putting my water (melon) weight back on again this summer.


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