I Am Ten.

by Sarah on August 29, 2012 · 15 comments

Dearest Jenn, and What I Ate Wednesday pupils,

I fear I may be turning into a first grader.

Well, OK, my reading level and ability to see problems from another person’ perspective puts me more in the realm of a ten-year-old, rather than one of my six-year-old students, but, regardless, I feel as though have been regressing in age since the beginning of school.And it’s not just because I had to physically restrain myself from curling up with that giant teddy bear on a recent trip to Costco…or that my recent running obsession has me drinking fairly regularly out of a fitmixer (blender) bottle.

Or that I put ketchup on everything.

Teaching elementary school means you spend a lot of time talking to people vastly younger than you are. It only seems natural, then, that your food choices might start to imitate theirs. 

As I looked at the after-school snack I packed on Monday, I had to wonder if things had gone too far.

Granted, Wacky Apple applesauce and peanut butter Cheerios are quite tasty, and who doesn’t smile a bit when anything is packed into Goldie?*

*Although is it normal for a 28-year-old to name her Goldfish snack carrier? [Or to even have a Goldfish snack carrier?]But I can’t help but get the feeling that Sneaky Pete’s–while VERY thirst-quenching and the perfect low-calorie sweetness for an after-school rejuvenation–is intended for ‘sneaking’ fiber into the diets of small children.Even if it’s not–but with that logo…– another recent food find (sent to me by the lovely Heather) definitely seems aimed to please the ‘I’ll eat anything if I get to squeeze it from a tube-like container” palate of a kid(do).Speaking of bananas…when has mashed banana on toast EVER been something I cannot get enough of?*

*And thank you twitter and IG followers for confirming this was, in fact, the childhood snack-when-sick of Lorelai Gilmore on The Gilmore Girls.But, you know, eating like a kid really isn’t so bad. (Tuesday’s reminder of the joy of kiddie cereal made me happier than perhaps it should have.)

So for the moment I’ll stick to my finger foods and snackable lunches.

[And before you question it, Orange Miso Hummus has become kid food–at least according to the kids who brought it for lunch and instructed me on their parents’ methods for making it at home.]

And I’ll continue to consume an exponentially increased amount of applesauce.

[Oats in an applesauce jar covered in PB2 peanut butter paste with a crumbled Spiced Peach + Date Protein + Fiber bar on top? YUM.] Besides, I can look on the bright side. My food choices might lean towards those of a six-year-old…but at least I can open my own (Simply) bars. :)


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