Back to (Pre) School [WIAW]

by Sarah on August 22, 2012 · 10 comments

Today is the first day of school. [!(?)]

My feelings on my impending long-term substitute assignment in first grade perhaps deserve their own post (or an extensive comment on the blog of someone more insightful than I), but I think any teacher in the world feels similar about the night before school starts: there’s nervous excitement combined with a lingering bittersweetness. School’s starting…but summer’s ending.

You’ll be happy to know, Jenn and other members of the What I Ate Wednesday world who do work all year long, we teachers are lucky enough to experience pre-school* week (and a half) to help ease us back into the world of kids and cubbies, reading and rambuctiousness.

*Not preschool. Pre-school. Similar use of prefixes, but the hyphen helps to differentiate. Maybe (?)We get to arrive at school an hour (or two) later than normal, allowing us to ease out of the practice of lazy summer breakfasts with oats actually cooked on the stove.There’s time to think about chopping fresh summer fruits, like peaches or cherries, and sprinkle granola (or granola br crumblies) in artful fashion with strategically placed plops of peanut (or in the case below, marcona almond) butter….even if we do have to start carrying it in a our travel bug.*

*Bowl [Slash] Mug.The school might spring for a ‘first day of pre-school’ breakfast (or at least heavy snack), which, if you are lucky, is surprisingly healthy. [Fresh fruit and bagel thins are pretty good for elementary school I should think.]Your principal might allocate some money in the budget to to take everyone out to an Italian buffet lunch, for a one-time-per-year experience like your friends who work in offices ‘downtown’ might have on a lunch break.And because it’s elementary school, you may inexplicably find yourself in possession of Apple Jacks and a banana. If you have an amazing PTO–like the one the school where I’ll be working for the next six weeks is blessed with–there might be a parent-organized Mexican-themed faculty luncheon, where near tragedy was averted when the black bean-and-corn salsa was refilled just in time. :)And because the parents are super excited about back-to-school, too, they might surprise the staff with a visit from the Kona Ice truck!Grasping on to the dregs of summer via strawberry, mango, and pina colada-flavored ice…Pre-school is also a really great time to help you practice getting back into the groove of meal (and snack) planning. My nightly last-minute throw-together bowls of happiness are still very delicious (and still very satisfying), but they do not lunchable leftovers make.Thinking ahead with extra enchiladas covered in Spicy Orange Cilantro (and Guaca-rita) sauce(s)makes for a VERY happy school lunch!

Pre-school is practice.

Practice makes (as) perfect (as six year olds will allow). 

My room is arranged. My plans are ready.

Most importantly…my lunch is packed. :)Welcome (back) to first grade!


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