Wisconsin: Live Like You’re Awesome

by Sarah on July 6, 2012 · 11 comments

Welcome to the fourth (I think?) installment of Things That Are Awesome, a summer series brought to you by my laziness.

As I am in Wisconsin for Grandpa Smart’s 90th birthday celebration, with access only to internet in the early morning and late night (unless the oppressive heat wave has caused the signals to go down, as it did last night) at the hotel where we are staying,* I’m going to get right to the point. (As much as I ever can…)

*Too many family members. Not enough beds in the wireless-less house.

1. Smuggling food from hotel breakfast bars.

The discovery of ‘to go’ tubs of Smuckers peanut butter set off a chain of events I’m not necessarily proud of.

Oh wait. Yes I am.

This was just day one.

My heart, in fact, lifted a bit when Sister Smart turned to me in our room yesterday morning and said, “If we put this coffee in the drawer, they’ll give us MORE, and then I won’t have to buy coffee when I get home…”

2. Honeycomb

No one knows where it came from, or which of the younger cousins is the reason for its existence in Grammie Smart’s kitchen, but tucked away in the cereal cabinet, Sister Smart and I discovered a box of Honeycomb and proceeded to have a moment–with both of our hands emerging from the box–where we looked at each other and just said, “Yum.”

The box is almost empty now. Just saying.

3. (Weird) Food Meets Family

My immediate family is used to my quirky food tendencies by now. Try explaining “vegan with benefits” to Grammie Smart, however? Now, that’s just hilarious.Making tofu while everyone else was eating turkey was a bit confusing, but pulling out a tub of Cheerios, a packet of peanut butter, and half a banana from breakfast and making this concoction–which I ate with a knife from the club’s snack bar?

Grammie didn’t quite know what to do.

4. Peanut Butter as a Food Group

That snack, and the oatmeal bowl I made at her house, caused Grammie Smart to remark, “So, peanut butter goes with everything?”

Yes. Yes it does.5. Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa

After not being able to find it on the East Coast, a made-in-Texas obsession has reappeared in my life.I was so excited to find the ‘Smoky’* Roasted Salsa that I had barely made it in the house from the grocery store before I was slicing a cucumber and restraining myself from drinking the stuff.

*Although I want to spell it ‘smokey’…I have converted the entire family. We hardly touched the hummus or ranch dip in preference of dipping veggies in salsa.

6. “Smart” Dinner Discussions

Did we have a thirty-minute-long discussion of Katie +Tom’s divorce proceedings and the fate of Suri followed by a brief lesson on Scientology given by Brother Smart at the dinner table last night?


7. ‘Fries’ Surprise!

I woke up this morning to discover I am featured on Daily Buzz Healthy Living for my Mukimame Hummus + Eggplant “Fries”.

They always seem to know when I need a blog-o* boost.

*blog + ego = ‘blog-o’

8. Grammie Smart’s Salad Spinner.I don’think I really need to explain why this is awesome.Do you?


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