What I Ate (Flying)

by Sarah on July 4, 2012 · 22 comments

Happy 4th of July!

In addition to the American flag, let’s all celebrate something else that’s flying today.*

*Or yesterday….whatever.

No, Jenn, I did not suddenly fulfill a lifelong dream of joining Peter Pan in Neverland. Instead I spent much of the day traveling from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, in order to commemorate not only the 4th of July, but the 90th (birthday) of Grandpa Smart.I wish I could say that I celebrated fitness as we were all encouraged to do for this month’s weekly What I Ate (and now also “worked”?) blogger show and tell, but instead I spent a lot of time sitting.Fine, I had gone to the gym in the morning, where I impressed myself by running over three miles when I said I’d just run two. [Virtual high-five!] Pre-airport, I had a piece of toast made on the P28 bread that Lauren gifted me, slathered with a bit of Chai Nut (Tea) Butter and some Bitter Orange Marmalade I found in Papa Smart’s pantry.

And berries. Obviously.

Ain't no shame in the paper towel plate, y'all.

En route to the airport, Sister Smart looked at me and asked, “What snacks did you pack this time, sister?” Being known for my often outlandish attempts at smuggling crazy food through TSA baggage checks, I have to say I was rather disappointed in myself on this trip.There was also, however, a bag of cut up veggies that I saved from my powerless fridge in Virginia that returned the favor by saving me from the expensive and not vegan (with or without benefits) friendly airport food.I found some (shockingly delicious)Heinz dijon mustard packets at the Au Bon Pain……which proved to be a good ‘dip’ for my vegetables.*

*I said the Spanish pronunciation of verduras in my head just then…in case you were wondering.Let’s just say by the time we had suffered through sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes, taken off, and were permitted to get our bags from the overhead compartments, I was VERY eager to dive headfirst into the bag of Peanut Butter Multigrain Cheerios I had packed. [The Pink Lady tasted great, too.]By the time we landed in Milwaukee, I was craving salty snackage, and since I’d already polished off the Special K Crackers I’d confiscated from Papa Smart’s pantry, I proceeded to eat the remnants of both Sister and Papa Smart’s Food Should Taste Good chips.

It appears the 'warmth' meter on their color editing system was slightly off in production.

On the way from Milwaukee to my grandparents’ house in Janesville, Papa Smart queried the rest of the car if anyone needed to stop for a soda “or something.” Obviously, this meant HE needed to stop for a soda…and in the midwest, that means only one thing for a Smart: Diet Sun Drop.Papa Smart also has a propensity for popcorn, and so he picked up some Jay’s O-Ke-Doke White Popcorn as well.This stuff definitely was “more than OK.” It was the perfect balance of salty and buttery…but WAY too potentially addicting…Of course, by the time we got to dinner at the Milwaukee Grill, I had gotten over my earlier popcorn indulgence.But I mean, if your family knows a restaurant as “that place we always go with the really good popcorn at the bar,” you have to eat some, right?There was only one cheeseless vegetarian option on the menu. [This is Wisconsin after all.] Luckily for me, that involved a “Build Your Own (Veggie) Burger” situation.Hey, I did warn the waitress that this was ‘gonna be fun.’ I just don’t think she realized HOW fun as I rambled off ‘open faced on the marble rye, with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, grilled peppers, pickles, tomato, lettuce’…”oh, and the grilled pineapple from this sandwich in this other section on the menu.”

 Um. Yum.

So there you have it. The grand old flag might be high-flying, but forever in food may I wave.

(And yes, I realize I didn’t stick to a theme of what I actually ate while flying…but if Buzz Lightyear can go to infinity and beyond, I can go to the airplane and beyond if I want to.)


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