Hello, Awesome.

by Sarah on July 13, 2012 · 9 comments

Welcome back to another dose of my summer series: Things That Are Awesome.

To commemorate the fifth installement of what has become a general celebration of goodnesss, I beg of you not to give Hi-Fives*, but instead to wave “Hello, Awesome!” to all of the following things (lackluster word for ‘general nouns’ that you will forgive me for using).

*Technically, it is a high five, but the ‘hello’ concept only works if we use the salutatory spelling.

Hello, Kohlrabi!

I cannot ever remember encountering a kohlrabi in 3-D, and then all of a sudden I find myself at a farmers’ market in small town Wisconsin and they are EVERYWHERE.

Hello, creepy alien face!

Naturally, Papa Smart and my curiosity resulted in the purchase of what we learned to be a German turnip–name from kohl (“cabbage”) and rabi (“turnip”).Sliced thin, I wanted to just go ahead and eat it raw–with it’s mild, slightly peppery flavor while being crisp and refreshing, like a cucumber–but I took Sarah‘s advice and dipped it in hummus.And then we sprinkled Crazy Jane’s Mixed-Up Salt on it..and that just took things to a whole new level of awesome.

Hello, British Treats!

While the package I received from Jemma might not have actually been touched by the royal Kate’s hands… …the contents were exciting enough for me to overlook that. :)I have been wanting to try the Pukka Three Ginger Tea for months since I first saw it on Jemma’s blog, and super dark chocolate with ginger (can you sense a slight theme?) sounds my idea of taste heaven.

Cola-flavored raisins? Yes, please!And there is going to be a WHOLE lot of Nak’d time in my future…*

*Fully clothed while nak’d: an oxymoron I can support. Thank you, Jemma!

[How soon is too soon for another swap? ;)]


Hello, Florida-Georgia Line!“Cruise” is my jam.

It just is.

[Even if the title of the album is It’z Just What We Do…with a z.*]

*’What they do’ is apparently misspell the easiest of words based on misconstrued phonetics.


Hello….random bag of Tostitos?You know your roommate is awesome when she heads to the beach……and leaves behind her chiplets for you to eat.—————-

Hello, ‘Sunburnt’ Pepper!

Don’t you just love it when the green bell peppers are starting to turn red? All of the sweetness for half the price. 😉


What are you saying, “Hello, Awesome!” to lately?


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