Falling Backwards Into…Christmas?

by Sarah on July 23, 2012 · 83 comments

We are embarking upon a very special week here at The Smart Kitchen. In my need to constantly celebrate, well, anything, I have determined that the upcoming date of July 25th deserves an entire week of shenanigans. That’s right, y’all…it’s Christmas in July!Christmas in July was always one of my favorite parts of camp. We spent the days leading up to it making presents for our ‘wot-wa’s, which was the phonetic way of pronouncing W.O.T.W. This acronym stood for will o’ the wisp, which Wikipedia will tell you is mysterious light witnessed by travelers at night that guides them on their journeys…but at camp was the non-commercial, nature girl-friendly, and Hallmark-free term for “Secret Santa.”

Well, there’s really no secret here…your W.O.T.W. is me!

I have a number of giveaways lined up for you this week, but before we get to the products I didn’t make, we should start with one I did. [After all, the primary rule of Christmas at Camp was handmade presents.]

It’s a Mystery Nutty Butter (LLC) Giveaway!What’s a mystery nutty butter giveaway?

Well, you have no idea what flavor you are going to get…or if it is a flavor I’ve even ‘officially released’ yet! It could be any of the ones I’ve been making…or something completely different. The best part is, you have not only one, but TWO, chances to win.

I wrote a guest post for my friend Lauren @ Oatmeal After Spinning about my backwards fall into business…and to find out how to enter the giveaway, you need to go visit her and read it. :)

Happy Christmas in July to all…and to all a Good Bite!

Stay tuned for giveaways all week…


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