W.I.A.W(hile Moving)

by Sarah on June 6, 2012 · 17 comments

I don’t care what anyone says. Moving is a PITA.*

*And I mean that in the acronystic sense of being a big, fat, pain in the donkey.

Oh wait. Everyone already agrees with me on that point, don’t they?

But, regardless, a girl’s still got to eat (even if she is suffering from “I waited until 72 hours before my lease ended to start packing” syndrome). And so this week, Jenn and the other little crayons in the crayon box, I present to you What I Ate Wednesdayhile Moving.So I know we can all agree that if the Family Feud category was “Things That Are Lame,” the survey would say at least 40 out of the (most likely imaginary) 100 people responded with “moving.” [I think we can also all agree that the people in my modified WIAW button above look WAY too happy about the whole situation.]

However, in forcing yourself to eat as much of your food as possible so as to be able to go buy new food not to bring a ton of food with you results in some pretty strange looking bowls of pantry finds mixed with the fresh vegetables you refuse to give up.Canned beets and Tuscan seasoning are a natural match for the open jar of Mrs. Renfro’s Pomegranate Salsa in the fridge, right?

Just like cooking frozen squash in a scavanged can of diced tomatoes and covering the whole thing with nutritional yeast and the chiplets from the open tortilla chip bag makes all the sense in the world.

Yeah…moving makes you do crazy things. And I’m not talking about using your desk drawers to pack spices and swag instead of boxes.

I prefer the term "efficient," rather than "weird."

It’s what makes you decide that stirring together PB2 and almond milk, then dipping in Judy’s Sweet Currant Breadsticks that you forgot you had, is a perfectly normal snack.Or forget about the frozen bananas you had thrown in the car to bring to the new house, and, instead of using the now thawed fruit to make banana bread or cook into oatmeal……you decide it is entirely more logical just to eat them with a spoon. From the skin. On a paper towel.And while it was obvious that you would need to bring the frozen bananas with you, it seemed of most pressing need to steam and consume an entire bag of frozen snap peas as quickly as possible.Nothing can be wasted. Not even the near death avocado you uncover in the bottom of the crisper drawer.Packing breaks to attempt and recreate Trader Joe’s Guacamole Hummus in your immersion blender are entirely necessary, especially when you have less than 36 hours at this point in which to move.Once you’ve started blending up random, dying veggies, it’s really hard to stop. Hence, the creation of Protein Pesto.

Really just the remaining basil and opened cans of chickpeas, plus some garlic and lots of salt, processed up and subsequently plopped on top of a salad, along with the Balsamic Fig Dressing that should in no way taste good with it, but is leering at you from it’s perch on the fridge door, just taunting you in its inevitable need to be consumed.Of course, you never know what special discoveries you might make in your cabinets. How did I go so long without opening this Nature Box granola???I knew I was going to develop an addiction after I first sprinkled it on perhaps the 100th bowl of oatmeal (or oatmeal soup?) I have consumed in this move.When I wasn’t eating oatmeal, I was consuming protein bars that I would normally have restricted (due to rather high calorie counts) to an actual breakfast replacement situation but determined were perfectly fine to consume as a light snack.

Yummy. Vegan. Made in Wisconsin. Have nothing to do with AP Economics.

And if I wasn’t eating protein bars–because they just kept stumbling out of the clown car that was my pantry–I was eating bowls of cereal, fascinated by the globulation produced when psyllium husk is added to almond milk.

And amazed by what it does for regularity. But that's neither here nor there.

So, yeah.

Moving makes you go a little wackadoo in the eating department.

I mean, when else does it seem normal to consume an entire cucumber dipped in some weird concoction you randomly mixed up in a food processor?

Oh. Right. ALWAYS.

Maybe I’ve just been crazy all along… :)


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