Things That WERE Awesome (In D.C.)

by Sarah on June 22, 2012 · 11 comments

Welcome back for another round of Things That Are Awesome! Although this time, we are celebrating my spontaneous road trip to D.C. and Arlington, and therefore must speak in the past tense.* Hence, this is…

*Why yes, I was an English major!

Thing That WERE Awesome (In D.C.*):

*And Arlington. And the road in between NoVA + Charlottesville. ūüėČ



Not only was meeting up with her the impetus for my two-day trip, but she continued to be full of LOVE and generosity, the likes of which I first witnessed while in Colorado for BLEND in May.

She gave me lots of encouraging Nutty Butter advice, bought me a¬†yogurt parfait¬†at Yola in Dupont Circle, and surprised me with goodies (including–my nut butter/veg-head crush–Justin’s candy bars and 34 Degrees crisps!).

Maddy [and Love Grown] are more than awesome, really.


My breakfast.Yes. I travel with chia.


Mr. Lincoln

For as long as I can remember, the Lincoln Memorial has been my favorite place in D.C. I’m talking, “eyes welling up with emotion” kind of awesome.


Meeting up with Jen*

*Of the Crazy Cooking Couple¬†Jen and I were cabinmates at BLEND in May, and I had the incredible joy of seeing her again as we feasted at Cava Mezze, whose hummus I already adored.Granted, I could only eat about 1/3 of the offerings on the dip platter–bumped up to 1/4 after quite a bit of confusion with the waiter, but the Roasted Eggplant Dip was AWESOME.

I was, however, less than impressed at their wilingness to bring me crudite for dipping. I mean, I love me a good cucumber, but I KNOW there had to be something else in the kitchen they could have added at my request.*

*And no, I was not about to pay $7.00 for the honor of dipping asparagus into hummus. (Although that is a great idea. ;))

I guess the fact that I BYOC(arrot) makes ME awesome?—————–

Farmers’ Markets in the City

I stumbled upon not one, but two, small markets happening on a Wednesday afternoon.Beautiful produce and (I think possibly) better prices than the market here in Charlottesville!I definitely took advantage of THAT. :)———————-

Cedar’s Zesty Lemon Hummus*

*And the fact that after being told “NO to salad” regarding Wednesday evening’s meal, I managed to get some veggies in there anyway. :)Even if they spell hummus wrong–(in my humble opinion ;)–this stuff is deliciously awesome. I’m definitely going to try to make a lemon hummus again…hopefully with greater success than the last time!


Even more awesome than yummy hummus?

Sharing hummus—and a plethora of other treats–with your best friends from high school, whom you didn’t tell about your visit. :)[The Vinho Verde from Trader Joe’s and a cheeseless-for me–pizza made with TJ’s Pizza Dough were also yummily awesome.]


Something awesome about traveling back to Charlottesville?

Passing Wegman’s.

Even thought I showed considerable restraint with my purchases, I did remember that I had some $5.00 off coupons from Driscoll!

BERRY awesome. ūüėČ


One stop leads to another.

The Living Water Farmers’ Market in Gainesville is awesome.Not only did I stumble upon kabocha

…I found avocados for 79 cents, South Carolina peaches, a¬†giant mango, and even more¬†giant grapefruit.


Even though I might not have loved living there…visiting D.C.?Awesome.