She Got the Beets!

by Sarah on June 27, 2012 · 27 comments

See Miss Smart, walking down the street

In D.C., some farmers (marketing) she meets

She doesn’t know what she wants to buy

But the prices were so fine…She got the BEETS!She got the beets,

She got the beets,Oh Jenn…she got the beets!

Yes, y’all, I got the $2.00/bunch beets from the FRESHFARM Foggy Bottom Market in D.C. last week, and I have been committing beet-icide regularly ever since.I feel a bit like Doug Funnie following around his favorite band on their international summer tour.While I do LOVE beets roasted, the reason I tend to avoid them is that I hate dealing with peeling them. Of course, I don’t know why I never thought to just get out the vegetable peeler and peel them FIRST.

You still get messy, of course. But you don’t get burnt.So of course, I roasted a couple in cute little beet bundles. And of course, had to test three one of the beet bombs out, immediately.

The other–largest–beet turned into a Roasted Beet + Orange Avocado Sauce which madea Jackson Poll-ike appearance on a shaved yellow zucchini (also from the market) salad of sorts with some shredded kale.The kale was leftover from this Raw Beet + Kale + Carrot Salad with Apple Miso Dressing.Most of that I just ate straight out of the Tup-fauxware I stored it in, but some did come along on my portable salad I made to take over to Alex‘s for our weekly Bachelorette viewing.

Eventually, even the most orange of carrots turns purple in the face of a beet.

Let’s just say I was more excited about the chiplets I sprinkled on top than watching Sean run through the streets of Prague looking for Emily who was busy playing Lonely Goatherd with hipster Jef—with one f.I am an equal opportunity beet-er [beet + eater]. I like ’em pickled, roasted, and raw. I also like them paired with watermelon.*

*If you click on that link, I apologize for the overruse of the Go-Gos in my post titles.I wish I could say I didn’t eat the remaining Raw Beet + Watermelon Salsa straight from this container. With a fork. For breakfast.

But that would be a beet-faced lie.


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