P(ee) is for Pineapple (Juice)

by Sarah on June 20, 2012 · 17 comments

Is it pee?

Or pineapple juice?

Don’t worry, y’all, I haven’t been the victim of a jellyfish attack, found myself in a compromising situation on a road trip, or ended up in Frank’s office on 30 Rock. You know I just hate to waste anything…even the pineapple juice left in the can after making Mexican-Style Pineapple Salsa.Although I already told you about my foray into the wonderful world of Pineapple Ginger Oatmeal, but I knew I needed to get a little more creative. [Because it’s me, and one creative use is not enough. ;)]So, for today’s What I Ate Wednesday post, I decided all of y’all who are invited to Jenn‘s weekly celebration of food might like to see the ways I got a little playful with pineapple juice this week.If you saw my post yesterday, you know I was busy making (and consuming) Ginger Mango Guacamole last weekend. Leftover cilantro, green onions in the fridge, and lots of avocados can only mean one thing…

Who needs a scrap bowl when you've got an avocado 'shell'?

… I had to whip up a batch of Pineapple Cila-vocado Dip [Slash] Dressing. [Using what Rachel refers to as “the machine that makes that horrible sound. Also known as an immersion blender.]That ended up where most things I make end up: on top of very large (and subsequently green-tinged and ugly) salads.Sometimes with the added bonus of tortilla chiplets or nutritional yeast.I did get a little bit adventurous with one of my nighttime snacks o’ cereal…mixing some pineapple juice and berry jam into some tofu…then topping that with strawberries and Uncle Sam cereal. Might sound weird…but it was good enough to make again. [So I did.] :)In another state of fearless foodie “what would happen if….?” I blended together some overripe cantaloupe, a few strawberries, some fresh mint, and a smidge of pineapple juice to create what I can only think to call fruit soupie.

(Not quite soup. Not quite a smoothie.)

Now, you are probably wondering why I didn’t just DRINK the darn juice. Well, that would have been WAAAAY to predictable.

I did, however mix the last 1/4 cup or so with some of my favorite Wholesome Goodness Balsamic Dressing.And ,well, after I’d used most of it on top of this snack-packed salad to-go (complete with tortilla chiplets!)for my spontaneous trip up to D.C. on Tuesday, I did, in fact, drink the rest of the jar.

So, yes, I have officially drunk salad dressing.

At least it wasn’t pee.

(And are you REALLY that surprised?)


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