Nutty Butter, LLC.

by Sarah on June 28, 2012 · 103 comments

So yesterday, this happened.

The LLC means it’s real.

The seal is probably important, too.

Hoot and Holla did a happy dance.*

*I was too busy crying about ordering the wrong lids for the new Nutty Butter jars and then slicing my thumb open with a pair of scissors to join in. At first. 😉

The Nutty Butter Cheerleading Squad attempted once again to form a pyramid, but still managed only a trapezoid.

While (before? after?) you are reading this,  I will have toured a commerical kitchen space to get the ball rolling on department of agriculture certification, so I can follow a nutty (butter) dream I didn’t even know I had.

How to celebrate?Share the “happiness in a jar”* with one of YOU, of course! :)

*Thanks for that one, LauraOne lucky reader will win a jar of June’s Flavor of the Month*: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.

*AKA The flavor I started selling in June and forgot to tell y’all about until two days before the end of June. #oops 😉

It’s also my current favorite Nutty Butter.[At least until the next one.]

So how do you enter?

Just leave a comment. Any comment.

If you want to tweet about #nuttybutter and then comment again, awesome. If you want to start following me on instagram and comment again, that’s cool, too. Like me on facebook if you want. Follow me on twitter.

There is no plan (except I’ll pick a winner at midnight) and there are no rules.

 Kind of like life.*

*NOT like health codes.


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