What I (Drank) Wednesday

by Sarah on May 23, 2012 · 19 comments

I know I said on Monday that I prefer to eat my calories, rather than drink them, causing me to do things like use my Cheribundi cherry juice to bake Chia Cherry Chocolate Pumpkin Doughnuffins or cook into a bowl of oatmeal topped with kiwi and two types of granola.

But I did drink some of it, too. I swear.

Although I’ve pretty much  given up all diet soda–pretty much–and mostly just drink coffee (in the morning), tea (at night), water (throughout the day), and kombucha (when it’s on sale), there are times when that is simply not the case.

So, my dear ones, this edition of What I Ate Drank Wednesday focuses on the bevy of beverages I have been consuming of late. [And yes, Jenn, some of it is alcohol.]When I tried to ween myself off of soda long, long, ago, I needed to find something to replace the carbonaddication I had for the bubbly in my tummy that I loved so much. Thus began a downward spiral into flavored sparkling water addiction, that I nearly fell back into after consuming this deliciously summery Pineapple Coconut variety I stumbled upon at Wal-Mart.I was strong. I held my ground. I did not return the next day to purchase a dozen more. [I thought about it though.]

What I have become VERY  slightly obsessed with?

Fitmixer liquid aminos–the favorite fuel of Blend Retreat attendees and Boot Camp participants everywhere–oh, how I crave you. Oh, how you mysteriously are able to give me crazy amounts of energy and keep me satiated. I might even turn into a runner.For now I will continue to drink you pre-workout and, well, perhaps bring you along for chips celery and salsa at Rachel‘s house. Not weird at all…Since we’ve turned water into a (healthier) Hawaiian (protein) Punch, let’s turn it into wine, shall we?

It’s hard to avoid when you’ve got a little thing called “book club” to go to–nevermind that there wasn’t even a book assigned this month–

–or graduation parties to attend. [And when it’s named for me…how could I not?]Of course, sometimes you need to celebrate advanced degree completion with a more ‘advanced’ drink, like the Chili-Inflused Blackberry Lemonade–spiked with tequila–I begrudgingly* loved at Zocalo.

*My inner grandma said, “Don’t do it…” but I did. And I made it home by 10. What now?Aside from a few more adult drinks, I’ve also had the privilege of sampling a number of bottles of Oogave naturally-sweetened sodas.I was so excited to recieve a case of all of their flavors a few months back, and have been slowly making my way through them all.[I may or may not have been even MORE excited about the stickers and T-shirt they sent. :)]Unlike some other naturally sweetened sodas, Oogave is REALLY smooth and doesn’t have any weird after-taste. In fact, I’m kind of in love. And while I have a soft spot in my stomach for the Mandarin Key Lime and Grapefruit varieties……the Ginger Ale is undoubtedly the most delicious. [Sadly, there was only one in the box…]

Thanks Oogave for sending me the (kid-friendly) bubbly. And thank y’all for reading a post full of [O-Town’s?] liquid dreams.

I would like you to know that although I drank a lot of things, I did NOT drink the pickle juice.



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