Vegan BBQ Plate

by Sarah on May 17, 2012 · 13 comments

Even on a vegan BBQ plate, the only thing that needs to be green are the pickles.And what delectably sour pickles they are.

[No wonder the mysterious food thief in my home ate twelve of them, leaving me the shock and surprise of opening the jar to discover only five of the original eighteen (according to the label) remaining. I had eaten one. But enough about that…]Now, I don’t care what y’all say. There is no vegan substitute for BBQ. I might not eat it now, but I know my meat. And I know that it is simply not possible to use beans, grain, or vegetables to perfectly recreate the taste, texture, and smell of the Carolina-style pulled pork that still stirs up carnivorous cravings within me.

But I will try. I will so valiantly try.

I knew this was a faled experiment from the start, but when you have an excess of tempeh on your hands, you might as well mess around a bit.

But slicing it as thin as you can does not stringy meat make.Neither does Mesquite BBQ Seasoning. [Although that does make it taste quite good.]

And when I pulled out the mushrooms and onions, well, southerners countrywide kind of cringed a little at the thought of me adding vegetables that weren’t shredded into slaw to my “BBQ.”But, you know, there’s a lot that can be saved with a good sauce.And I’d be lying if I said that 90% of the reason I love BBQ is it is a means to eat BBQ sauce.

Oh, Annie, you DO have a good (vegan) thing going on here...

[The remaining 10% is divided equally between my love for pulled pork and my loyalty to the Southland where I was wasn’t really raised.]While it was certainly no pig, and certainly nowhere near authentic, it was still pretty darn tasty. [Despite my negligence at cracking open a can of Busch’s Vegetarian Baked Beans to add to the feast.]And for those of you who are thinking, “The only thing green I usually see on my BBQ plate is the slightly green tint of some cabbage slaw,” well, we’ll talk about this tomorrow:


What does ‘BBQ’ mean to you?

Have you ever successfully made a veg or vegan interpretation?


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